Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M Guild System Features and Games Introduction

What are the functions and gameplay of the Dragon Valley Tournament system? Players can enjoy various benefits of the Association after joining the Association, and at certain times they can participate in some very interesting guild gameplay. Social functions are no longer monotonous. Today, Jiuyou Xiaobian brings the introduction of functional gameplay in the guild system. If not much to say, take a look below!

Guild System

> After players apply for or create a guild, they can enter the guild to participate in various games.

[Copies of the Association]

Click the Copy button to participate. The copy is mainly Forest Shrine

[Council Benefit]

Guild Welfare mainly includes guild red envelopes, guild shops, and guild activity

can be used to redeem various fashion shards in the guild store, protect articles, and provide advanced stone, etc.

Clown Poker]

Click on the camp to enter and play poker with the clown. You can participate 5 times a day and 10 times a day. The better the card, the better the reward.

Association Hall

You can learn the skills of the guild and strengthen various characters. You need to contribute to the guild, and you can increase the guild contribution every day by signing in.

Association Guilds

Guild Level 20 Opens

Guild Dragons

Guild Level 3 Opens

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