Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest MBossRush How To BossRush

BossRush will automatically unlock when the player’s level reaches level 25, this time the player can challenge himself to get the heraldic effect! However, if you want to get the coat of arms successfully, you may not have thought so easily, but Nine Tour Xiaobian in the next will provide you with the Dragon Valley Mobile BossRush tricks, after reading you will know how to pass slightly!

Dragon Valley Mobile BossRush Clearance Tips:

Unlock Level: Level 25

Number of Challenges: 3 times/day

Introduction to gameplay: BossRush will simply challenge the boss directly. Here players can see the bosses in each copy of the level and gain more rewards by defeating more bosses. The gameplay is divided into three levels of difficulty: the Grand Ballroom, the Scarlet Arena, and the Death Arena,

The Colosseum: Unlock Level 25, might be awarded an orange heraldic bag, a blue heraldic bag, or Green Heraldry Bag

Scarlet Arena: Unlock Level 35;

Death Arena: Unlock Level 45;

Clearance Guide:

There are 10 bosses in each level of difficulty. After 10 bosses are completed, they will be cleared once. Every time you kill a boss, you have the opportunity to randomly drop the heraldic bag! Of course, the front does not necessarily pass through, but every player has 3 chances to use each day, and these coats of arms can be used to upgrade the rank of the reinforced coat of arms. This is also a key to opening up the gap with others.

There are basically only these two gameplay experiences in Dragon Valley Tournament, so it takes time to upgrade your level quickly. Because the copy of the abyss itself does not support the mop, players need to manually go through the customs clearance, each time needs to consume a lot of time, we must be psychologically prepared. In fact, if Kaben, you can also do other tasks such as the arena, the ladder and so on.

The above is the Nine Dragons hand-rolling BossRush clearance game for all of you. Did you have a clear understanding of the younger friends? Do you know how to get this copy?

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