Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M professional guild skill plus points recommended occupation how to add points

Players want to quickly improve their skills and combat effectiveness in the Dragon Valley Tour. The Guild is an indispensable and important way for you to pass through. You can learn the skills of the Association, and it is very helpful for the promotion of professional skills. The help, but the premise is that you must choose the right job! Which job is better? Here is a small black to give you a recommendation about the plus point of each career!

At present, there are 6 skills in the guild skill, namely, attack cultivation (increase physical attack power), attack and practice (increased spell attack power), blood volume cultivation (increase health), strength cultivation (increase power). , agile cultivation (increasing agility) and intellectual cultivation (increasing intelligence).

Long Valley Mobile Games Professional Association Skills Recommended:

Editor’s Note: Since the Association The contribution is limited, so in general it is sufficient to select up to two skills for each job.

Archer: Due to the characteristics of the archer, attack cultivation is a must-have skill. Secondly, you can choose blood training to increase life or agile practice to improve the dodge ability of kite flying;

Sorcerer: Magician Needless to say, tactical cultivation is an essential skill. . The second skill can choose mental cultivation or blood volume cultivation. The control type mages can choose intelligence, and the output can choose blood volume.

Warrior: The first choice for soldiers is the power skill, which enhances their close combat power. The second is to select one of the blood and the attack to see the personal development route.

Pastor: The last is the less popular priest, although there are not many people to choose. However, there is no doubt that the priest’s intelligence is the preferred skill. Secondly, he can select the amount of blood or the method of attack.

The above is the recommendation of the Nine Dragons Tournament to bring you Dragon Valley Mobile Games Professional Association skills. Players must pay more attention to their choice when choosing!

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