Dragon Nest M Raiders _ Don’t Charge Any Fees Dragon Nest M Stall System Play How To

Players in Dragon Valley Tournament can use auctions or stalls to trade items and money, but merchant rankings need to pay a certain fee, and some players will choose to set aside in order to earn more. Today, Nine Tour Xiaobian has brought the gameplay introduction of the stall system. If you don’t have much to say, it’s not clear to the player to check it out below!

Long Zhi Valley Hand Tour

There is a exchange system in the game, and the trading system is divided into buying and selling. Here players can buy all kinds of goods.

Such as equipment, dragon jade, heraldic materials and so on. All items are purchased using Dragon Coins. Still more convenient and quick.

The selling interface is also the stall interface. Here, the player can select the equipment and props to be sold, select a good unit price and quantity, and spend a certain amount of the shelf fee. Can be officially added to the exchange.

When items are sold, they appear on the settlement screen.

Players can see what items they have sold, click on the items to see the price after settlement, and pay a certain fee. The rest is their own money. Click on the settlement to get the coin!

Of course, if you feel that you do not want to sell after you are on the shelf, you can also remove the item in time. More than a certain time limit will also be automatically off the shelf!

In general, the exchange system idea is still good, for the players, you can take each one’s needs and digest the extra resources.

As to whether this system can succeed, it still needs to see the value of resources in the game. It is still not easy to say

In general, the idea of ​​the exchange system is still good. For the players, they can get what they need and digest the extra resources. As for the success of this system, it still needs to see the value of resources in the game. It is still not easy to say

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