Dragon Nest M Raiders _ property value significantly increased Dragon Nest M fashion system introduced

Players in Dragon Valley Tournament can purchase fashion in the mall according to their needs and preferences. Fashion is not only a change in appearance, but also allows the character’s attributes to be improved, no matter whether it is value or strength. Greatly improved. Today, Nine Tour Xiaobian brought a detailed introduction of the fashion system, not much to say, interested players come together to see below it!

Fashion System

The Long Valley Mobile Games Fashion System is one of the biggest features of the game. By collecting new fashion, you can put your clothing in the closet (increase combat power),

and then in the fitting room , To wear, each set of fashion has a suit effect, so wear the same set of fashion effects better, of course, fashion can be advanced.

[How Fashion Comes]

1. Obtained by lottery, purple by quality> orange> blue

2, through the synthesis of fashion debris, fashion debris source is mainly a lucky draw, an elite copy of

Welcome players to collect attention to the Dragon Valley Tournament area, only need to enter the “Long Valley Tour 9” in Baidu Tour] you can directly download the Android installation package, while the Dragon Valley Tour Guide area provides the latest Raiders and clearance Raiders. Fun mobile online games download in nine tours.

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