Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M fashion how to get fashion access method introduced

Fashion is an important way to improve combat effectiveness in Dragon Valley Mobile Games. It not only enhances the appearance of a professional, but also enhances the combat power. Therefore, players must pay more attention to the collection of games, but There are a lot of players and Xiaobian reactions that do not know what way to get, in order to let you players can quickly enhance the fighting power, Nine Tour Xiaobian in the next to bring you the Long Valley Tournament Fashion Access Method introduction, want to know the small partner together to look at it!

Introduction to Dragon Valley Mobile Games fashion collection method

1. Replica checkpoints: Pass through the challenge challenge and reach a certain number of stars to get a treasure chest. Some treasure chests can also open the fashion;

2. Dragon Egg: This It is the most important way to get fashion, that is, it’s a success. In general, local tyrants are able to obtain various fashions through this fast one.

3. Mystery Shop: Mystery Shop refreshes every day and you can buy fashion inside. Fragments are high-quality orange fashion;

4. Ladder Competition: Level 20 Unlocked Ladder can also receive a large number of Fashionable Fragment Rewards to participate in the Ladder Competition. Raise your rankings;

5. Guild Stores: Acquire the Guild’s contribution by completing the mission of the Guild and contribute to the exchange of fashion at the Guild Store;

6. Opening Bonus: When the game is opened Usually a few days before landing will receive fashion awards, this must be won;

7, Arena: Through the challenge of the arena, get honor, honor can be exchanged in the honor store fashion. At the same time to achieve a certain ranking, you can also get the corresponding fashion awards;

After reading the above methods of the Dragon Valley Tournament fashion, the players are also all clearly understand it? Do you know how to get it? Battle is very important in this game game, so players also need to pay attention to collect fashion!

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