Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M five ways to enhance combat effectiveness

How can the Dragon Valley Tournament enhance its combat effectiveness? Many players find that their grading reciprocal is very fast, but their strength is not going to increase or decrease, and the higher the difficulty is, the more difficult it is to go to the back copy. . Today, Nine Tour Xiao Bian has brought about a fast way to improve combat effectiveness. If there is not much to say, unclear players should come and have a look!

Dragon Hand Tour

1. Strengthen equipment and upgrade equipment attributes. A relatively simple and direct method, a lot of strengthening their own equipment, after strengthening the equipment decomposition can still be returned to strengthen the material, so do not worry about waste.

2. Each skill point can instantly increase your combat ability and strengthen the power of the skill. It is also crucial to add points to skill points, and it is necessary to allocate skill points reasonably so that your skills reach the strongest state. You can reset skill points free of charge before level 30!

3. Wear more advanced equipment to enhance a large number of attributes. Be sure to wear your strongest equipment, not 40 levels still wearing 20 equipment, that naturally will be detonated!

4, fashion to enhance the task attributes and collect the package to obtain a large number of attributes. Fashion is a very crucial part of the package. It can bring a lot of bonuses, more collections of more fashion, and a lot of channels.

5. Use materials to make powerful equipment! Players can collect materials and make equipment themselves. Of course, they can only make equipment that is comparable to their own level. If you do not have good equipment, you can consider making your own

6. Join the guild and upgrade the guild skills to enhance a large number of attributes. The benefits of joining the guild are too numerous to mention. If you have not yet joined the Association, please find the organization as soon as possible.

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