Dragon Nest M Raiders _ Go with the main line Dragon Nest M pre-fast upgrade Raiders

How can the Dragon Valley Tournament be upgraded quickly? As we all know, to unlock more advanced copies, the player needs to reach the corresponding level. It is easy to disassociate themselves from the large units without paying attention to the previous upgrade. Today, Nine Tour Xiao Bian brought a rapid upgrade strategy for the early stage of Meng, not much to say, and players who don’t know clearly have a look below!

Long Zhi Valley Tour

1. A copy of the mainline mission is a normal copy of the mission, and the experience gained is also numerous. However, the problem that is easily encountered is that it is easy to copy the card. Under normal circumstances, everyone can do what they really want to do, and then consider a copy of the abyss.

2. A copy of the abyss is a difficult model for the copy of the main line. Here you can gain a lot of experience and help you quickly upgrade. If the main line is stuck, it is recommended that you come here to brush up your experience. Of course, the total number of copies of the abyss challenge is only 8 times a day, but there are 5 times the chance to buy abyss and it takes Dragon Coin. It is worth mentioning that the copy of the abyss requires 2 individuals to team up, otherwise it is difficult to beat.

There are basically only these two gameplay experiences in the Dragon Valley Tournament, so it takes time to upgrade your level quickly. of.

Because the copy of the abyss itself does not support mopping up, players are required to go through the customs clearance manually, and each session requires a lot of time, and everyone must be mentally prepared. In fact, if Kaben, you can also do other tasks such as the arena, the ladder and so on.

Welcome players to pay attention to the Dragon Valley Tournament website. You only need to enter “Long Valley Tour 9 Tour” on Baidu to download the Android installation package directly. Meanwhile, Dragon Valley Mobile Tour Guide Provide the latest Raiders and clearance Raiders. Fun mobile online games download in nine tours.

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