Dragon Nest M Raiders _ Aftertaste of the year’s classic Dragon Nest M September 17 appointment open

Dragon Journey Mobile

The new “Dragon Valley Hand Tour” is a replica of the endgame story and gameplay, using 3D lock-free combat perspective ARPG Mobile Games, the official website has started an appointment activity, players apply to become Kai Gu Yuan, you have the opportunity to advance experience qualifications.

As the most original mobile game in “Dragon Valley”, this mobile game will continue the world view of the tour and awaken the player’s original memories. At the Aphrodite continent created by the goddess, the new The crisis requires the warriors played by the players to rescue them. In terms of gameplay, the brand-new mobile game has taken a 3D unlocked perspective battle mode on mobile phones in a breakthrough manner, which perfectly restores the experience of the endgame. At the same time, the four major professional teams have passed through the game. Once they have a partner, they are familiar with the form and voice, and they can reproduce the most exhilarating and lock-free fighting for the players. In addition, there are a variety of competitive duels, personalized fashion and other games, enriching everyday experiences.

In addition to being a Kaikoo, you can obtain experience qualification in advance. The official website of “Rights of the Dragon Valley Tour” can also illuminate wishing lights, wishing for a good friend, writing a vision, and working together with friends. Dragon. Interested players can go to the official website to learn more.

Welcome players to pay attention to the Dragon Valley Tournament website. You only need to input “Long Valley Tour 9 Tour” in Baidu to download directly. Android installation package, at the same time Dragon Valley Mobile Games Raiders area provides the latest Raiders and clearance Raiders. Fun mobile online games download in nine tours.

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