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Dragon Valley Mobile Games Magician is one of the four major occupations in Dragon Valley Mobile Games. As a young woman who controls magic, the skills can attack the enemy remotely and can flee. It is very flexible. The output, whether it is a brush map or PK has a good performance. Today Xiaobian brings to everyone the skills of the magician in the game and hopes to help everyone.


Instantly move your body elsewhere to avoid all attacks. Hold down the shift key with either direction or quickly press the arrow keys in the same direction.

Flame insects

Fire attack forward. During the attack, you can change the direction of the attack and attack the fallen enemy.

Rotary Staff

Rotate your body and launch a powerful 3 combo. The final blow can attack the fallen enemy.

Poison Cloud

The venom that spreads and poisons the enemy upon firing. The attacked enemy is poisoned. You can attack fallen enemies.


After entering the attack key, you can use your powerful magic to hit the surrounding enemies and then stand up.


When stepping on an enemy that has fallen to the ground, when the attack moves, the attacker cancels the enemy that is near the ground, and clicks the right mouse button to launch the attack.


Attack using left-handed auxiliary weapons. Different weapons have different attack effects. Click the right mouse button to launch an attack.

Rescue Missile

Launch powerful powerful missiles with penetrating effect and are attacked. The enemy will be knocked back, increasing range by holding down the attack key for 1.5 seconds, accumulating power, and launching an attack.


Using the auxiliary weapon to attack the enemy downwards, bind it to jump and click. Right mouse button to attack


Swing the enemy in the dizzy state to the air. Close to the enemy in the dizzy state. Click the right mouse button to launch the attack.

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