Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M Goblin Copy How To Go Theme Park Goblin Copy Tips

In the Dragon Valley Tour, different copies of customs clearance are sub-themes. The theme park is one of the many copies that players must attend when they participate in activities. A lot of players have already stumbled, but in the face of rich rewards, they have to go through customs clearance. How is it? Nine Tour Xiaobian is also the next to bring you a copy of the Dragon Valley Mobile Games theme park Goblin clearance strategy. Want to know the little partner to take a look!

Dragon Valley Mobile Game Goblin Copies Rule Description:

The Goblin Copies are divided into three difficulty copies, respectively 21 Leprechaun City State, 32 Persian Leprechaun, 45 Spartan Goblin.

When players reach level 21, 32, and 45, they can all be unlocked. The higher the level of the copy, the greater the degree of difficulty, the richer the reward.


Players pass through the copy of the goblin After that, you can get a lot of experience.

A copy of the goblin clearance strategy:

The first three professions are all better to play a copy of the goblin, because the three professions will have the scope of injury skills, and The damage is high. Players who choose professional archers need to pay attention, in the 32 and 45 copies, do not surround the monster, because if you are surrounded and your skills are on the CD, it is very likely that you will . It is easy for a magician to make a copy of a goblin, because all the spells of a magician are all range damage. As long as there are some zebra skills, it is very easy to pass.

The above is the nine-goal Xiaobian for everyone to bring the Longmen Valley game theme park goblin clearance Raiders, you have seen a small partner after a clear understanding of it? Do you know how to get through this level? Compared to players who are scarce in resources in the early period, we might as well try it!

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