Dragon Nest M Raiders _Dragon Nest M Heraldry Get Methods Heraldic Raiders Introduce

Players in the Dragon Valley Tour will definitely get a coat of arms. It is a stranger to many players, but the usefulness of this game is very big! In the later period when you want to improve combat effectiveness, then this is also one of the ways! So what’s the effect? ​​How can you get it? Next Jiuyou Xiaobian and everyone will introduce you in detail about the Long Valley Tournament Coat of Arms. Get methods and use the Raiders, you want to know the little partner together to see it!

Dragon Valley Hand Tournament Description:

Dragon Valley Tour The heraldry can greatly improve a player’s attributes, thereby increasing the overall combat power. Players can reach level 24 to unlock the heraldic system! At present, each player can have a total of 8 coats of arms to be inlaid. The level to be unlocked is respectively 24, 26, 28, and 30!

Heraldic effect: The heraldry can enhance a character in a character. Different coats of arms have different attributes and qualities. Players need to choose the corresponding coat of arms according to their own career in order to play the biggest role!

Heraldic Acquisition: The main gain of the coat of arms The method is to obtain different quality coats of arms through BossRush!

The above is the collection of the Nine Dragons Hand-Made Coat of Arms for everyone and the use of Raiders. No clear understanding? Do you know how to get it?

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