PUBG Mobile guide Actual Combat Techniques! Please learn to walk in these ways!

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”, although the marksmanship is an important measure of a player’s strength, it is not possible to use only the marksmanship in the game. I believe that many people have seen that various forms are an endless stream of walking and Body and body. Especially in the high-level segment, the details of the great-god’s avatars made the players stunned. Here we have brought everyone the game’s favorite characters and moves.

How to avoid harm ? ]

Many players have experienced an attack by an enemy in an unknown direction. At this time, players will definitely find a way to confirm the opponent’s position. However, in most cases, it must be given priority to avoid subsequent damage when attacked by an opponent. In particular, the opponent’s shot was crippled, because the follow-up is likely to be opponents “water-like” bullets. How do we respond to this situation?

1 Constantly moving

There are times when we need to operate the card with a point gun. , it is easy to ignore the other direction of the goal, if you do not move, even after the cover, it is easy to knock down the opponent behind. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a habit when the card is used to hold the gun, that is, irregular movement in multiple directions. Although the state of the movement will also be harmed, the most lethal weapon can be evaded in the moving state – the spike of the bolt. As long as the opponent fails to shoot us down, we have the hope of avoiding subsequent harm. What many players don’t know yet is also very important. That is, the in situ fight can also be shaken in multiple directions.

2 Coquettish Placement

The first time to attack was what to do . This is everyone’s first response, but it must not be a straight line. Running in a straight line, if the opponent has a certain advance gun skill, it is easy to advance the gun based on our distance and speed. In this case, the 98K shot is not unusual. Therefore, in the running process, we need to pay attention is to be sure to walk irregularly, that is, players often say “Z” or “S” way.

What are the positions for the gun?

1 Sideways shot

Open sideways The gun can be said to be the skill that must be mastered when it is in the position of the bunker. The only thing that requires the player to master is the preview. After the preview, he started to shoot on the side and was basically on the road. The side shot is to reduce the attack area. It is necessary to mention that during the confrontation process, with or without a bunker, there is a great chance of sideways causing the opponent’s bullets to fail to hit our heads. Reduce the chance of being hit during a shot.

2 Flash Shooting

The flashgun method is generally applicable to slopes or The high position, of course, is also very suitable for bolts because the bolts have a pull-out period for each round of bullets. If one bullet fails to hit the target, the opponent is likely to launch. Counterattack, at this time we can use the slope and high point advantage to quickly squat or volley to reduce their body position, let opponent lose our body vision. Of course, this method is also applicable to rifles. Generally, the bullet will use the flashing gun method to evade the opponent’s counterattack after the shots need to be changed or after a short burst of rapid fire.

The above is the most common and applicable practice in the game brought to you by this issue. Have you learned from players? ?

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