PUBG Mobile guide The first-person science flaw!

There are many kinds of meanings in the exciting battlefield. What we are going to talk about today is how to take advantage of the benefits of the enemy when fighting in the first person mode. The way. The basis for this is that in the first person model is limited to , which provides us with favorable conditions for observation. Similarly, we combine an actual combat example to explain. In order to let everyone learn how to judge in a specific situation, we will explain it in every action.

We selected the location in R City, after simply killing several enemies, because we have heard a very intense exchange of fire around them and need to move quickly in order not to be entangled.

The best option is to chase airdrops. This play requires harvesting of both sides when the enemy exchanges fire. Where is the easiest to have a crossfire? ? The answer is that airdrops, even if we chase after airdrops It is also very easy to encounter enemies in the crossfire to kill, and if there are no enemies, the generous rewards of airdrops will definitely not disappoint us.

Not surprisingly, on the way forward, we really met 2 teams that were fighting with each other. After selecting a slope to get stuck in the field of vision, we immediately got off the train and encircled the enemy.

After a simple ambush, easily kill two enemies on the gun. Here to explain why the enemy did not find us, first we use the slope card to stop the field of view, and through the gunfire to determine the enemy is fighting, then we rushed to the slope and quickly through the gunfire to find the enemy, there is a point, must not When we see people, we fire at once. The vision of the first person is very narrow. In many cases, the enemies in the fierce battle do not see us at all. Therefore, in this case, we must use their time to exchange fire to quickly learn about the other enemy. The approximate location of this, in order to achieve two birds with one stone,

Occupying commanding heights is very important in this tactic. For example, here we are killing two enemies. After the gunfire was discovered on the second floor, the enemies in the crossfire were again found to be killed again. With a large number of kills, the two men had enough resources to support us to reach the finals.

With the sharp reduction in the number of enemies, the enemies will become less and less wary, and we will be more and more cautious. Here we will explain to you how this tactic should be played in the finals. We must first judge the terrain, in the case of war. For the housing area, and the characteristics of the housing area is that the terrain is complex and easy to conceal, but on the contrary, it is very unfavorable to the maneuver. Therefore, once you meet the final area is the room area, you need to do it.It is possible to get close to the center of the circle so as to minimize the lap time. After all, the interior is much safer than outdoors.

After the death of the teammates, the enemies came to us through the gunfire. This time, we must calm down. Because of the complex topography of this high-rise, each search will take a lot of time, and many enemies will not leave and leave.

Immediately after finding the enemy’s trail in the next floor, he chose to kill the enemy because this is a room area. Even if the enemy knows we are here, it cannot easily kill us. After knocking down the enemy, you must follow the situation quickly to attack the building, because this time rushed to the enemy may not have time to fight drugs, it is a good opportunity to win.

The advantage of occupying a tall building is that you can easily deal with enemies in the lap, and it is difficult for the enemy to fight back.

Although the final tiebreaker was not handled well and was second to the pincers, this game clearly stated the two core points of the game. First, find the enemy who had exchanged fire; They are not ready to destroy them. As long as you learn the above ideas, you will certainly be able to harvest a lot.

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