PUBG Mobile guide Eating chicken psychological warfare, skillfully using methods to make you eat chicken smoothly!

Shooting is not the only way that PUBG Mobile stimulates the battlefield. Although many technology players like to win with technology, chickens are suppressed by just firing guns. Of course, there are also “cockroaches”, and Voldemort can also be successfully ranked among the top ten. However, we must remember that eating chicken is the primary purpose. Just just grabbing and smashing is not enough , and we still need to suppress opponents from the psychological and brain tactics. Today, we took the housing area as an example to bring psychological warfare skills to everyone in the housing area. Learn to do this trick, the room area is king and hegemony can be seen !


[Learning Control Distance]

Enemies in the house have an inherent advantage because the body is protected by the wall. This is an extremely unwise choice when it comes to shooting with him. It is extremely unfavorable to itself. All you have to do is try to approach him to make use of your advantage. At this time, smoke bombs can be used to block the view of the enemy and find ways to conceal their ingenuity and approach the enemy without him being aware of it. You can also use the grenades to hit the West and then try to find a bunker to approach the enemy step by step.


When you are in your house, the location of your chosen house is very important. It is best to choose a place where the high-level view is wide, and of course someone chooses to keep it. Staying at a small corner of the house. However, what we are currently pursuing is to take the initiative to attack the high point of and grasp the situation in the surrounding area through the vision and the movement of the enemy. After that, it will be possible to formulate the route of travel and the enemy strategy more quickly. Even when the opponent does not find you, behind the black gun is not impossible.


Once you have played against the enemy, you must consider transposition at this time, Fight two shots for a place ! As the saying goes, “The soldiers are not fooled by bluffs”. Attacking the enemy for a long time in one position will allow the enemy to adjust the game for your position. You will also be exposed to your position and put yourself in a dangerous situation. Changing the position when appropriate allows opponents to adjust their strategies frequently. Eager to deal with.


Do not enter the house directly when you are near a house. If you enter the room directly, the enemy is likely to jump out of the window. When you enter, the enemy touches your ass from behind. Role change, easy to play with opponents. The best way is to walk one or two laps on the wall, pay attention to the visual field, and pay attention to the window of the house to prevent the enemy from jumping over the window. At the same time, using their footstep sounds to disrupt the enemy and prevent the enemy from being able to determine our specific location, it is now possible to use a grenade to empty the gun to disturb the enemy and allow the enemy to chaotically jump over the window or move. , thereby exposing them, If you see the enemies that jumped, fire first directly hit Dead. Observing the enemy You can circle the house again and remember not to open the door and enter through the window. At this point the enemy will basically determine that you are still outside. Then wait for an opportunity to go upstairs, even if you encounter “frightened” enemies, the difficulty will be greatly reduced.

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