PUBG Mobile guide P-port search and multi-route transfer ideas

Pangang is a remote point in the “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus”, although the terrain does not have a great advantage, but because of geographical reasons, there are fewer regional enemies. , is a very suitable starting point for novice players.

Regional Overview

P Hong Kong is located on the southwestern edge of the island map. > The points marked are mines, and the east is a fishing village with few buildings. As a whole, the region is relatively independent. In addition to encountering enemies who landed together, they generally do not encounter opponents in the process of quasi-one.

Regional Buildings

P Harbor The general level of materials and the large amount of materials can support the entire four-member team. However, the key point is that the P-port buildings have an irregular circular distribution. Therefore, when searching, it is necessary to pay attention to the planning of the search route and avoid the waste of time caused by the repetitive routes. Due to regional reasons, many times are not in safe areas.

Area Vehicle >

Although P Hong Kong is a medium-sized resource point, the number of vehicles is still relatively small. At this time, no vehicles will appear in the resource zone, but vehicles will generally appear at the intersections of the two roads in the north. After the search is complete, you can search for the vehicle in the red spots below.

Placement and transfer route

Recommended The three warehouses in the eastern part of P Harbor are the homes. Because the warehouse is a high-class building, although the resources are small, many times, there are high-quality materials such as M416 and 98K. And the warehouse is separated from the entire room area by a highway, which is relatively safer.

Search Route

On Route 1, we will directly transfer from the warehouse to the west side of the housing area along the road. Search. After a direct turn to a large road to find a vehicle for evacuation.

On route two, the shift from the warehouse to the northern room area is also followed by a search along a small road, followed by a major road Look for a vehicle to evacuate.

If it is a multiplayer mode, it is possible to carry out two-way advancement in pairs. If it is a single person, you can connect the two routes to the entire area. Of course, you need to pay attention to the scope of the safe area before this process. If you are near or in the safe area, you can search all areas. If far away, it is recommended to evacuation after unilateral search.

Transfer Method

Steel Gun Route: If it is a steel gun Players, then after searching out the area, they can consider choosing a nearby large-scale resource transfer if the route is as follows.

In the safe area, you can go directly to the bridge and intercept the bridge players. The average player who crosses the bridge is relatively fat.

Wild Route: Because P is not an advanced resource In many cases, the team does not have a good assembly resource, so if you want to develop steadily, then playing wild is a good choice. Because of the small number of scattered and scattered resources in P north of Hong Kong.

Well, the above is the result of the P Hong Kong settlement. All the contents of the follow-up transfer method, and whether the players have a better understanding of this point? Share it with your partner.

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