PUBG Mobile guide PUBG MobileP City Raiders, to see the city’s smoke war

During the PUBG Mobile stimulus war, the choice of the skydiving point is very crucial. Choosing a good landing point can make you eat chicken smoothly. p The city should be considered as a major urban area in the exciting battlefield of PUBG Mobile. Today, Xiao Bian has come to talk with the majority of the “chicken” friends P those things ~~~~

P The city is at the center of the game and the signal circle changes again. Many, P cities are also advantageous locations, and there are numerous vehicles in P city, and the transportation is very convenient. If the equipment is not good, you can choose to go to the small western quarter of the church to continue to “grow”, equipped with a good location to observe nearby P city conditions, what to open the black gun You don’t need to say more to steal the ass.


p There are many people in the ambush in the dark, so hide yourself and do not expose your own. position. P There are many houses in the city, and most of the crossfire areas are dominated by street fighting. Therefore, it is not recommended that you take the initiative to attack and make full use of the advantages of the third-person perspective to carry out card point defenses. The enemies who can fight are caught off guard.

Listen to the footsteps after landing. P Most of the urban fat spots will be parachuting right now. You can identify the location and prepare for the guns by footsteps, whether it is a room or not. Or outside the gun is recommended that you use rifle and submachine gun weapons, if you use the spray to pay attention to go, the advantage of spraying is a shot to solve the opponent, the disadvantage is that the slow exchange of bullets.

Priority rifles, submachine guns, sprays, if you have the absolute advantage in the house can use sniper rifles, 98K is a good sniper , lethal Large, small recoil, can well attack the enemy.

If you don’t know much about P you can jump several times, so that you have more resources Refreshing the position, the position of the weapon’s refreshing will have a general understanding. After each jump, we will know where to pick up the good weapons. Where there is more abundant resources and better vision, the material refresh position is random!

p The disadvantage of the city is that there are too many people jumping and it will inevitably lead to a battle. Only the strong ones can survive, so they must practice more for the chicken friends. The demand is high. As the resource points of all the housing areas, only the eyes of the six parties can be heard. If we can only live up to the promise, the days when we just jumped to P were very uncomfortable. P There are many people in the dark in the city. Be cautious and cautious. Firearms often appear more often, but you must be cautious in P , otherwise it will be easy. Expose your location.

Around P , there are several independent houses that do not belong to the center of P and are suitable for playing wild. Just finished the skirmishes of a piece of equipment. There is a church on the left side of the P city on the map. It is a very nice place. P When there are many people in the city, you can choose to land. Here, after all, it is also very wealthy inside, at least you can have a self-protection equipment, and then you have to do is ambush in the church, as long as the defense is good, to kill one. After waiting for equipment, you can go to the back of the wild area, and then receive the necessary equipment.

Well, this is what P City Chicken Raiders brings you to everyone. I believe that with these small skills plus hardworking practice, you can certainly Eat chicken successfully!

Recommend everyone to go to the house on both sides of the road, because the field of vision is more open, there are some bunkers that can cover themselves, and the hopscotch is relatively easy, there will not be too many people, but also a fertile not The second place.


p The Raiders of the city are almost like these. Practice can win, I believe that relying on your multiple exercises plus Raiders experience will definitely allow you to eat chicken smoothly.Great!

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