PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Patterns are dead series. Are you really happy with the skin?

Have you ever experienced an IQ down the line in the battlefield? Obviously have the opportunity to kill the enemy in one fell swoop, and then patted buttocks happily, but the brain suddenly burst into whimsy, want to take a good tease opponent. It wasn’t until he was killed by an opponent who had come to support that he wouldn’t react to death. When faced with certain opponents, they do give them an unpleasant feeling, if the flies are as annoying. When this happens, it is of course a good humiliation to knock down him, but if it is overturned, it will be counterproductive.

When I talk about the death of a trick, I think of my basic friend. He has a nickname called corn. As to why he calls corn, he has to talk about his face. He had long faces that ordinary people couldn’t imagine, and he looked like a corn in the distance, so his nickname should have emerged. Why did you mention corn as a way to die? This has to be said from that…

The weather was clear on that day, and the afternoon sun was warmly sprinkled out the window. It wasn’t the heat but a cool one. This weather is really a good day to go out of the corner, so I contacted the base friend Maize – then pulled out the phone to open the exciting battlefield. Just starting everything seems to be going smoothly, landing smoothly, searching and killing the enemy. Everything seems to be moving towards the ultimate goal of eating chicken until we meet the airdrop.

Since the progress of the game was too smooth, corn quickly swelled. He decided to drive only to the airdrop to drop the position of the gun. After he arrived at the destination, a brother next to the airdrop box was taking care of the airdrops. The sight of corn, apart from anything else, was a bullet that had been shot and dropped him directly on the floor.

If corn gets rid of him and finishes, then everything seems to be as smooth as before. However, he did not do this. After knocking down his opponent, he stepped forward and started a break dance. Finally, turn on the microphone and take it down to the ground to take off the pieces of equipment. Which brother also seems to be eager to survive, and finally put the whole body equipment and even the clothes are completely removed to the ground.

If this is the case then you will be too young to kill the corn, and he is attacking the weapon. Which one of the guys next to the floor sweep. In the end he smiled so that he couldn’t even see the opponents who came from behind to be knocked to the ground…

The final corn and my ending are believed to have been guessed by everyone. After corn had experienced it, it was very For a long period of time, all airdrops on the battlefield have been avoided. After experiencing this painful lesson, I also deeply understood what it means to die without death. I hope everyone will take it!

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