PUBG Mobile guide Recommended Location in the Desert

Recently, with the opening of the new version, based on the fact that various changes are very beneficial to wild players, many novice players are eager to play wild desert maps, but they are playing on desert maps. The wild is so easy, many novice gamers play wild or poor, or be run to death, can not find the rhythm of the game, today for this situation we recommend a most suitable for novice wilderness point, brick factory.

There is a saying that must be said in front of this Raiders is a novice , that is to say, if you are an ace player, please also be more tolerant to the content. Here’s an example. The same point of defensive point, let the ace player come and you may hit “10 miles, no grass” but let Novice players will be able to easily die in dumplings. Players of different grades have different utilization rates for various resources on the map. For example, we can often see that many anchors are getting bigger every time, and they can almost get rid of each time, but if you are a newcomer, this This kind of play is still free, because we are not strong enough to support such play.

Entering the topic below, the brick factory is a very poor place in the desert, and even some wild areas can’t match. It is precisely for this reason that choosing this place as a foothold can guarantee our early security. Because novice players collect materials at a generally slow pace, in some of the fierce battle conditions, they often need to quickly collect supplies to fight, and jump in here to reduce the psychological pressure for novice players, even if the occasional sporadic enemy does not As a result of operational errors in tension.

First, there is a unique advantage of the brick factory, which is that this point is located in the canyon. Any person who wants to enter this point must climb at least one mountain to get there. This further reduces the probability of attack.

Second, although the brick factory itself is relatively poor, a large number of unnamed housing areas scattered throughout the valley can be collected. It is believed that in the no-pressure collection process, before the first circle is brushed, it is sure to be able to search out a set. Affordable equipment.

Third, the brick factory has solved another problem of playing wild. , That is the lap, desert map relatively fertile wild area is basically located on the edge of the map, once the brush circle is not conducive to their own, and novice players are not familiar with the brush point, the collection time is not good, it is easy to run into The vicious cycle of the cycle has led to exhaustion. But this point of the brick factory is relatively close to the center of the map compared to other wild areas, and there is a road that completely passes through. At this time, if we find any vehicle along the road, we can easily get out of it.

Fourth, there are many opportunities for secondary development. The so-called “secondary development” is actually a way to collect information for players who do not have good equipment on the ground. We can see this on the map. The brick factory is located in the direction of Johor Bahru City in the north, an old industrial area in the southwest, and a small mine in the west. Even if the brick factory does not collect good things, it can immediately use vehicles to collect these places.

It is because the brick factory has so many advantages that it is suitable for newcomers. As an entry point to understand the map as a place of settlement, after all, only living can understand the topography. However, this point is too inefficient for a master,Actually, in the eyes of good masters of gunshots, there are equipments for harvesting in advance to achieve the effect of fighting and raising wars. If the master chooses this place as the placement point, it is very easy to break the rhythm and lose the entire game. After our technology has been significantly improved, we can no longer choose this place as the landing point.

The above is a guide for the novice brick factory. I hope to help you all. Want to play with friends in the desert.

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