PUBG Mobile guide View P City, Chapel Tactics

P City is one of the most popular welcome landing sites in the PUBG Mobile: Stimulus battlefield, but many players are at After losing his sense of direction, could not complete the full tactical strategy and gradually lost the battlefield initiative. Today we will explain to you the highest point of P City – the tactics of the church.

<123 [Basic introduction]

Location of church In P, a mountain in the northwest of P City, the elevation of this place is much higher than that of P City. Here you can see all the dynamics of P City. So if you want to dominate P City, Above the church is the best choice.

There are three places for church material refreshing, one is the church Inside, another church top, in addition to the stairs leading to the roof of the church will also refresh supplies

Point Advantage

The greatest advantage of the P City Church is its topography, vs. P For other points, the church is a relatively independent building , so if you want to get a good view of P, the church will be The choice of , is followed by some equipment support, such as high magnification and other . So after the equipment is formed, the church can generally be used as the preferred card point location.

Standing above the church of course requires some firearms with a long range. . In the current version, the rifle gun and rifle are farther in range. The rifle is best equipped with 4x scopes, because the lens with more than 4x magnification is too shaken on the rifle. Can not suppress, so players are advised to try carefully.


[Tactical Strategy]

The church does not only provide supplies but it is also a “security intelligence agency”. Normally, the first purpose for the player to go to church is the roof, but the safety factor of is not high and it is easy to find . It is recommended that players go to the church hall before going to church.Observe the dynamics and material surplus in the mini map and determine if there are any people on the roof.

The best place for the church is the roof, and the roof of the church is not bare. However, there is a bunker, so that once the player is discovered by the enemy, he does not have to choose to jump. He can use a bunker to protect himself before shooting the enemy.

The elaborate style of play on the church makes it possible to sneak and fight. Do not put the gun at will. Once you have exposed your position,

is easily focused on the enemy of P City. Concerned about , there is even the danger of being killed by the enemy.


1. While standing above the church, you can obtain a wide field of vision, but it also means Your own risk factor is very large. The back of the special church must pay close attention, because the back is likely to be attacked by the enemy.

2. The roof of the church is leaky and players are advised not to shoot on the roof of the church.

3. Above the church It is not suitable for many people to fight in because the roof space of the church is limited. Many people have obvious goals and the space is smaller .


The church can be said to be the best house in sight in P City. Players who like to jump in P City must make good use of this place in the church. Oh!

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