PUBG Mobile guide to see the case of knowledge, just gun rhythm play

In the stimulating battlefield, there are such a group of players. They have very good marksmanship. 4 times 8 times the pressure gunners to come, often dozens of average kills, but the chicken rate Very low, I believe there are a lot of gunmen players have been poked to the pain. Today we will talk about how to use your own good shots to beat the rhythm.

Let’s take a trump card as a case to help everyone understand this game. .

First, the protagonist chose a non-brain-jumping R City game because the R city would not generally be the most intense location for crossfire. Secondly, the location of R city is very convenient for maneuvering. The core is to take advantage of his exquisite marksmanship and teammates to forcibly empty airdrops, thereby stimulating the rhythm of the entire game and creating a state of “grabbing airdrops with me that can’t beat me but not grab me”.

After a simple search in R City, and a team that was in a dangerous situation destroying a team, the hero’s team immediately looked for a vehicle and went directly to the airdrop. There is a small detail here, which is the airdrop. The landing point must be within the circle of the next circle, and at this point in time, the team inside the large resource point is still confrontation, and there is no energy to grab the airdrop with us.

Although the first airdrop location was not very good, the protagonist and his teammate decisively won the first one after determining the absolute safety around him. Airdrops, the result was at this moment. The second airdrop was as close as . At this time, the hero’s team immediately chose to go to the second airdrop. Here we have to know that when the first round was finished, it was big. Most teams should have finished the confrontation and started looking for the next target. The airdrops at this time are very dangerous, but the hero’s team is in a state of strength because he just won the first airdrop and can continue to harvest the enemy quickly. Rolling snowballs establishes a great advantage.

Sure enough, one team just arrived later in the protagonist’s team, and the 4 people who were directly ambushed near the shorts were killed in the car. There is a detail here, that is when everyone wants to chase after an airdrop. It is generally on a first-come-first-served basis. The reason is that if it is late, it will be easy to encounter enemies. Once entangled, it will be difficult for us to continue to snatch the airdrops. This battle has just ended. At the time, the third airdrop came in. After collecting the equipment and airdropping materials of the enemy team, 4 people immediately went to the third airdrop.

Because the distance between the two airdrops is too close, it is likely that There are a lot of teams to grab the airdrops. The hero here resolutely gave up the airdrop and the whole team was attacking and defending. He started to check the enemy’s cards.

When the hero’s team battles with the team on the hill At the location of the airdrop, there was a team of players who wanted to fish in troubled water and were spotted by the protagonist. Then the whole team immediately sieged the enemies under the hill. The reason was very simple. The enemy on the mountain could not be quickly because there was no car and there was no bunker. The advancement came, and if once the enemies under the hill launched an attack, our team could easily be smashed opposite because we did not have a place to hide.

Because of this, the protagonist decided to drive down to the foot of the mountain, solving the enemies under the mountain with lightning, while the two teammates on the mountain held the mountain. The enemy, the hero’s team once again securely obtained the third airdrop.

Here is a little trick to simply say: This kind of wall that is a bit taller than human can jump over with the head of the car to achieve a ghostly effect.

After the airdrop was completed, the protagonist immediately drove back to his place and killed the enemy that had just been framed. At this time, the fourth airdrop was released again.

After a long battle, 4 people have completely driven the rhythm of the whole game. All enemies are focusing on the protagonist here. In the process of defending, they continuously wiped out two teams.

After thoroughly harvesting the team in the same direction as theirs, the protagonist’s team went straight into the finals and stuck in a team that wanted to enter the ring, and finally entered the finals.

After hiding from the vision of the enemies in the open area, the protagonist preferred to kill the enemies behind him, so that he would not have to worry about being “stolen ass” at a later stage.

Then the whole team throws 8 smoke bombs to form a smoke screen and directly charges the room area. Finally, all the enemies are completely out of the ring, and the last remaining enemy is also Something unfairly resisted the attack on four individuals and ended up with hate.

After summing it up, you want to use your own good marksmanship. We must chase after the airdrop, but our goal is not to drop the props in the airdrop, but to grab other airdrops because the player who first drops into the air can have a good position. Our goal, as well as stealing airdrops, has the advantage that the first three laps can be used without thinking about how to run around. However, if you want to use such a fierce style of play, are everyone’s marksmanship in place? ?

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