PUBG Mobile guide LYB’s Final Round Chicken Rules

In the stimulating battlefield, there are such a group of players who are not just guns, airdrops, or even murderers. They only ask for trembling in the corner of the map. They only hope that they will brush themselves in the next circle. Head. The player’s style of play is often called “苟”. Many people just “苟” and score, but there are such a group of elite players who have turned “苟” into a part of their tactics, and Chicken can often be eaten using this tactic. Today is Answer everyone, How to Use this method to Improve Eat chicken Rate .

Many regular game players know that they want to enter the final round It’s really easy. There is such a jingle in the player’s mouth. “One click, one into the top nine”. Indeed, there is no problem with the first nine. But if you want to eat chicken, you need to use your brain. Now. Here analyzes with the help of an example of .

In the opening we chose to proceed with the initial development of the nuclear power station far away from the route. After the first lap was over, we found that the retrenchment was as above, because at the time it was found on the plane that the military base had jumped many people. In many places, the principle of brushing (this is metaphysics, the letter is there, not believe it is none), the protagonist chooses to move to the center of the circle as soon as possible, so it is not unreasonable to do so early, because if you shrink the circle Some people keep the bridge, so as a lone wolf, we certainly can’t get through the bridge with ease.

When we approached the bridge, it was not surprising that there was a fierce gunfight. There was a decisive choice to avoid the edge and to cross the river by boat. Because at present, both bridges have enemies’ handles. Communicating with the enemies who are guarding the bridge, it is also possible for other enemies in the lap to pack up the back road.

Under comprehensive consideration, we landed from the middle of the two bridges of the island by boat, minimizing the possibility of encountering our enemy.

After arriving at the center of the circle, he chose to abide by the “toilet” because the toilet was not conspicuous in the highly competitive finals. Second, if the enemies who had fallen into the accident found me inadvertently, we also You can use the advantage to defeat the enemy. The only weakness is that you are very afraid of the enemy’s team attack. Therefore, you must transfer quickly after killing the enemy. You can’t sit still.

Because we killed an enemy next to the building just now, In order to prevent the enemies’ teammates from coming to revenge, or when the enemy sees the box skeptical, we immediately changed the ambush point. This ambush point is backed by a slope, and once it is attacked, it can shift the smoke bomb toward the back of the slope.

Sure enough, the enemy did not notice us here in the fierce battle, but as time goes by, the shrinking circle is no longer beneficial to us. At this time we rushed out when the enemy had the most intense fire.

While two of the two enemies are facing each other and face each other, we just copied the back road. At the same time, since we know that these two men can shoot the enemy, this proves that this place is a valid cover, and we have restored here. , and the enemy is obviously not aware of what happened. At this time, because the number of enemies is dominant, we must preemptively attack. So here we rushed out and threw a wave of thunderstorms. After just hitting the enemy with a grenade, we took a shot and took it away. The remaining two people.

To sum up briefly, the reason why this tactic is used in the first person is because this tactic has a very big limitation, and this limitation is the enemy’s vision. In the first person, the person’s vision is very small. Give us the chance to sneak around later. At the same time, in the final round, we must learn to determine the number and location of the enemy based on gunshots, so that we can accurately destroy our enemies and create chickens.

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