PUBG Mobile guide old and new players look over! Version details change analysis

Recently, the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield” has once again ushered in a major version update, in addition to the addition of firearms SLR and new entertainment gameplay modes that players are most concerned about, as well as some system settings. , Item properties, and features have been adjusted. As the saying goes, “details determine the success or failure!” The following is a detailed explanation for the details of this new version.


On the basis of the original “leaderboard”, this update has increased the Jedi theater. Leaderboards. Compared to the previous “ranking list”, the Jedi-Zone rankings pay more attention to the details of the ranking, to what extent the details? The details to select the area, the area can be specific to the neighborhood. And according to the players in the game the number of different medals for specific rankings. In this way, after the leader board is updated, we can see the specific title of other players, which is the king of steel guns or the lore!

The spectator system may seem to be a simple spectator function, but the actual meaning of the tactics is extremely important. First of all, we can avoid the long wait before friends close the game. At this time, directly entering the game can directly participate in the game atmosphere of friends, and the waiting time is no longer long. Secondly, it is for buddies with big gods. The spectator system also allows us to see their operations and their thoughts on the enemy more clearly and directly. What is the best way to improve yourself? In addition to direct participation in the game, it is a non-view game.

[Prop Adjustment]

The first is firearms Redefining the classification, the old version of “burst” now is included in the “shooter rifle”. The “automatic rifle” was officially changed to “assault rifle”, the difference is more obvious, and the classification is more accurate.

There are still some firearm attribute adjustments.

Increased some firearm damage (including submachine guns, pistols, Sniper rifle and shooter rifle). It also increased the damage coefficient of the submachine guns and shotguns on the limbs and accelerated the replacement speed of submachine guns. The rifle properly reduces the rate of replacement. What is the significance of such changes?

Initially, picking up the firearms relied more on luck. Good luck players landed M416 or AKM. Poorly-lucky players couldn’t get a pistol or submachine gun. In previous versions, the advantages of assault rifles were obvious, and the properties of some of the inferior firearms were able to make the battle between players more fair in the early stage, thereby reducing the unfairness brought about by the unstable component of “luck” Sex .

In addition, because of the unbalanced use of throwing weapons, this time Adjust the weight of the throwing weapon. The weight of the grenades was substantially increased, and the weight of the burning flasks, smoke bombs, and blast bombs was partially reduced. That is, if you want to carry more grenades in the current version, you will need to sacrifice more backpack space. Of course, this move is more hope that the player can more fully recognize and use different throwing weapons, rather than relying solely on grenades to gain the advantage of the game.

Finally, we shall mention the fine-tuning properties of the firearms. The newly-defined shooter rifle series can use parts of the bolt and assault rifle at the same time, so if you pick up such weapons, you don’t need to worry about the follow-up parts.

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