PUBG Mobile guide Eating chicken key points! Final round play in multiple situations

There are two most important game stages in , and In the most intense period, one is the early stage of the settlement of the housing area, and the other is the latter stage of the final battle. Below the players to the player’s more concerned about the final round, for everyone to explain the situation in a variety of situations to deal with the finals, take a look at it !


The critical period of the finals is not Into the circle , is not the , but the transition process . It is easy to know players who are outside the safe area to know that they have experienced players who are likely to play or if the opponent’s luck is better or prior to entering the next safe zone. Gun attack. Because of considering the indentation time of the safety zone, it is difficult for the players to retire while circling to reach the safe zone. Of course, as long as the frontier enemies are still geographically superior, players may have the power to fight a battle, but they are afraid that they will have back-to-back enemies behind their backs. is is a military taboo. Because the scope of the finals is not large, basically the target in the field of vision often does not need high magnification to effectively suppress opponents. Therefore, the emphasis on transfer time is also quite deep, but the method is relatively simple, which is the so-called lap run. Do not dare to say 100%, but in most cases it is safe to ensure that the area outside the security zone is safe, do not refrain from multi-directional attacks. This player understands it, it is not nonsense.

[Omelette finals]

The next thing to say is another way of running around. As shown below:

Encounter this heavy “Omelette” type safety zone, and believe that many players are disarrayed, and it seems that there is no use in the past. The following explains the more effective treatment.

Before handling the circle:


Cleaning up the sector area is preferred as follows:

After cleaning the fan-shaped area, enter the safe area from the direction of the cleared fan. The purpose is to clear the enemy behind it.When entering the lap, there is a large chance that you will not be stolen on your back.

Priority to clear high enemy:

Cleaning up from the nearest high point from high Point direction into the security zone. The high point is helpful for obtaining the visual field, confirming the situation in the safe area to a greater extent, and facilitating the subsequent tactical designation and bunker selection.

[last resort]

Condition 1: The enemy occupies the final high

In two cases, the first is that the opponent did not find us . Then you need to pay attention to avoid exposing yourself to the fire. Potentially, you have better tactics and wait for other enemies to stand still. The second opponent found us and chose to be able to perform a card point against the high point enemy’s bunker. And clean up the enemy in other directions to prevent the enemy from being held by the high point, limit the while moving the space , still by other directions Tilt down.

Conditions 2: Plains (wheat)

In places like the plains or wheat fields, where there is no shelter, you need to go to the end. Especially in the middle and high section, the basic is who exposed the first dead. If you need to transfer into the circle, you can consider throwing smoke to the west, toward the smoke bomb . Because most of the time, other players throw grenades in the smoke.

Situation 3: Housing Area Or many bunkers

If you are in a room area, you need to use throwing weapons. To suppress the enemies in the building, you should also pay attention to the structure within your own building so as not to be overthrown by your opponent’s grenade, and to choose as many house complexes as possible for the interior compartment. Such as complex floor river fake garage and so on. Avoid selecting single-story bungalows, Because this type of building not only greatly limits the field of vision, but may also be laid down by enemies grenades.

Well, the above is the whole content of the finals game that we have brought to you in many cases. The methods and methods are fixed, and more still depends on everyone playing against them. The understanding of the law, and finally I wish you all players to eat chicken !

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