PUBG Mobile guide Want to score? Clear your thoughts first

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield,” I believe that everyone can clearly define their goals. That is, first, eat chicken. Of course, if you are a skydiving simulator player, then we have to say otherwise.… In the game, the situation is changing rapidly, and the application of the so-called teaching style can not play a greater role in the game. The only thing that can continue to affect us is the cognition and play of the game situation. Here we talk to you about two key ideas in the game.

[Acquisition of Materials]

For high segmented gods, low-segmented players pay more attention to the three-character search Soso !

Searching for equipment is an unavoidable link for every player, but it requires a degree of control. He often encounters a teammate who tries to find a lap in front of him at every point. Even if he is eight times with 98K, he cannot prevent his search. Ignore the security of the surrounding environment completely. More often than not, this type of operation tends to cause us to run erratically, or high probability is card points enemy yin dead. Searching equipment is not impossible, but it needs a degree, needs points to clear whether there is more important thing before the search, such as every point Occupy the high point first to observe the situation and so on.

Contrary to what was said above, big God players use snowballs more often. . Use your opponent’s box to snowball. Most of the time, we spent 10 minutes searching for supplies, and Big God players chose to spend a minute thinking about how to eat you. Gao Xilai sees ! So at the beginning of the day when an enemy is encountered, as long as the equipment is not bad, then you can give priority to how to eat the opponent, instead of holding as long as there is no face, first search for, if the opponent already holds If you want to eat your thoughts, and you’re still trying to search for it, then it will become a true “one-and-a-half hour, express one minute” slightly!

[Unchanged Changes] <123

What to do in different time periods ?

It is no doubt that the initial period was the period of the room’s raids and shifts. What should I do in the mid-term? I believe that many players often encounter such teammates or themselves as such teammates, aimlessly wandering around the major housing areas in the security zone, and take a good look at the actual situation. On the XX run. This is why most players will fall in the mid-term transfer process.

The first thing to make clear is that during this time period, most of the players’ equipment is not too bad.In the case of saturation, moving too frequently or driving a vehicle in various areas or housing areas will only increase the probability of encountering the enemy . At this time, we must clarify what is the purpose of the current stage !

As soon as possible Enter the safe area and occupy a good terrain, waiting for the arrival of the next wave of safe areas. The purpose of occupying a good terrain is to be able to more easily suppress or defeat the running circle and the poorly positioned enemies, and this geographical advantage can be a high point, a cabinet or a fake garage and so on. Be sure to avoid aimless or frequent shifts in the safe area unless you are a steel gun player and find someone to fight , otherwise you can only make yourself closer to being eliminated.

On the whole, it is to learn how to use tactical games flexibly. It is like we can get a certain amount of goods through long-term searches, or we can grab more goods through short-term tactics. Everything needs to be discussed from a well-organized thinking. .

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