PUBG Mobile guide Note! The following hobby is likely to lower your rankings!

In the “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield”, steel guns are the standard to measure a player’s technology. It is indeed possible to improve our strength by practicing these things. However, in the game, there are some details that do not touch the above three points, but often affect the player’s winning rate. Here we talk about the game’s seemingly subtle but influential personal hobby.

1. Dripping blood must fight medicine

Because of the blood in the game I The article can be used to reply by using drugs, so it also allows many “obsessive-compulsive disorder” players to bow down to blood problems. Many players will be given priority to fight drugs while they are being harmed. In Many times, the entire team will delay the teammates’ cooperation and help with the fight.

2. The bullet must be played

The first reaction to the enemy is to shoot it right, but there are a lot of players but the hold down the fire button cannot stop unless a shuttle kicks . There is nothing wrong with blasting guns, but blind shots until the end of a round of bullets can easily be caught in a bunker by the opponent, and then grab the gap to counterattack. Therefore, in actual combat, the best shooting method is to shoot some bullets Stop, adjust the sighting gun, and use a bunker to observe the opponent’s reaction, and then perform a second attack or multiple attacks.

3. Knocking down the gun

In the game Defeating and eliminating opponents also is understandable, but in many cases eager to replace the opponent is likely to cause greater losses. First, rushing to pick up a gun when there are teammates around the opponent is likely to result in a lack of follow-up bullets, and the enemy teammates who are suddenly cheated will grab and knock down . Another example is that does not replace the opponent, uses the falling target to attract his teammates to come to the rescue and so on. Therefore, it is important to make up the gun, but sometimes a fallen teammate can give opponents more pressure.

4. People must stop

This is the militant’s favorite operation. Whether it is through the mountains or the housing area, meeting the enemy must stop. Of course, there may be a certain chance of winning a single player. But if there is a whole team of enemies around, it will be impossible to drive at high speed.Solving the number of enemies around, rushing to park will only make you and your teammates in trouble. It is also known as “Delivery Express!” So ​​even if you want to attack you need to find the nearest cover around you to ensure that you and your teammates are safe and consider the enemy on the way.

5. Bullets must fill

Bullet number is often the player’s “embolism”, which is why many players will choose to use bullets to fill their backpack full. To know that in the course of the entire game, a player may not consume 300 rounds of bullets in the entire game, except for the “airplane” overturned. To know that the extra bullets do not change the situation of the game, instead of filling the backpack with bullets, it is not as good as a few smoke bombs and grenades.

6. It takes one year

It is estimated that there are many players who have resonated below. It is believed that there are not many players who have been eliminated because of the bag. Looking closer at the box, Wow! Dazzling, wanting everything, and struggling with the choice of medicine bottles and bullets. I discovered too much in the bag, in the end throwing a drink or emergency kit ? Suddenly fired 7.62 bullets came quickly and saw the red barren blood on the ground…. The bag not only needs speed, but also needs to be clear about its purpose. What is missing? . To know that 500 rounds of bullets does not allow your firepower to be as strong as 1V5, and 10 first-aid kits do not allow you to take opponents a round of bullets. Therefore, a reasonable allocation, a reasonable choice, and put an end to the roundtrip in front of the box.

What are some of the points above you ? Quickly share out to see how many like-minded friends you can find! (¬_¬)

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