PUBG Mobile guide Smooth transition! Mid-term four-team team

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”, the mid-game is a relatively smooth phase , but the battle situation is constantly changing , the battle is imminent, what should we do at this stage What do you need to pay attention to? Here we come to talk about the mid game attention.

In the general case, we define the third and fourth circles as the middle period of the game. . Although there is no fierce competition between the initial stage and the finals this time, some of the most critical links may affect our later rankings. The key points are listed as follows:

[Destination Selection]

Determining a good destination is also a crucial part of the game. Because players need to refresh at this point until the next security zone. Therefore, the following points need to be noted when selecting a destination:

As far as possible, the points should be set in the central area of ​​the safe area to facilitate the transfer of the next circle, which can effectively avoid the condition of the circumcision. Secondly, we must pay attention to the vision of the destination area and the surrounding terrain. We must ensure that the selected point of view is good, and the more independent the better, so that we can find the nearby enemies earlier.

[Transferring process]

The most important factor in the safety transfer is the vehicle. In a four-man ranking, try to ensure that teammates have at least two vehicles. Because of the multiplayer mode, the vehicle is easily destroyed by the opponent’s fire. More than one vehicle can not only share the opponent’s firepower, but also make the teammate of a single vehicle safer. Even if one of his teammates is knocked down, the idea of ​​“123 eggs not in a basket” is also It can restore our losses to a large extent.

【Advance Method】

Attention must be paid during transition It is possible to keep the vehicle at its maximum speed. Sometimes it is better to choose a detour if it is to face a dangerous area. In addition, in terms of driving route and terrain, as far as possible, the roads and the plains should be as soon as possible. The speed can be guaranteed. Two are not easy to overturn. At the same time, we must pay attention to avoid large-scale housing areas and single-family housing areas, because the high-rise buildings in large-scale housing areas and the independent resource points in the wild areas may be the locations of other enemy enemies.

As mentioned above, in the case of four rows, multiple cars try to keep their teammates sitting apart, or they can drive by car alone. Follow-ups follow up. Or two peopleGroup progress, follow-up and so on.

[Offense Defense]

Remember that at each point you must not only clean out the entire building and surrounding buildings. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the tussocks or near points in the area. For example, trees or rocks are more likely to be selected as guarding points to observe them in order to avoid surprise attacks by opponents. With high magnification, it is also necessary to pay attention to the far point and whether there are other teams at the neighboring points.

The last is the target time. The meaning of shooting is our offense, and the opponent cannot fight back, which is the so-called gun. The enemy who attacked the lap is such a category. Note that , may be avoided if the opponent’s position is in a safe zone may be fired Because the opponent also can have a fearless choice for the gun. In order to avoid the consumption and downsizing caused by such uncertainties, it is generally recommended only that the target be attacked outside the safe area.

All right These are the typical notes for the four rows of medium-term operational considerations in this issue. In addition, more players are required to explore their own conclusions in the game.

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