PUBG Mobile guide just gun details, outdoor bunkers know how much the gun!

In the “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield,” guns are almost common to players, but The final defeats are unpredictable. There are many ways to increase the winning percentage of guns. One must mention the use of bunkers . In this issue, we will explain in detail how to use the common outdoor cover to increase the probability of winning a gun.


Except Outside the desert map, trees are the most common bunker in the island map. Excellent Needless to say, it is common, that is, as long as it is not in the plain area, it basically finds one tree. As a cover, and the trees are generally tall, standing crouching is suitable for various postures. However, the shortcomings are extremely obvious. They are narrow, so the blocking surface that we can provide is small and we can only deal with unilateral enemies. It is easy to be attacked in multiple directions on the handgun line.

Actual use: Side-to-side firing This is the best way to shoot behind a tree because the color of the tree is closer to the tone of the player character, and When using a gun, trees can be effectively used to evade opponents’ bullets and hide themselves. If the opponent is behind the tree, multiplayer mode can be considered with the handgun line, multi-point attack.


Stones Relative to trees, the number is less, but is more low profile and wider, so the area that can be blocked is larger. The advantage is that the height of the stone is low, and most of the situations can stand up and shoot the enemy. When we are behind the stone, we have more angles when facing the opponent’s shot. The opponent is more difficult to preview. It can be surprisingly careless. effect. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to deal with highs and opponents who pull the gun line.

Practical use: In stone After the main guarantee to fight a shot at a different angle, can basically effectively meet the enemy’s preview, especially in the face of snipers, multi-angle shooting, frequent replacement shot position Allow opponents to shoot ten shots and nine empty shots. If the opponent is behind the stone, then you need to use the method of attacking the enemy behind the tree and change the angle to pull the gun line.


The slope is strictly speaking a player’s own definition of “bunker” which has the advantage that most areas have this type of terrain, is easy to find, and the slope is more resistant to other bunkers , Can effectively deal with the opponent’s angle attack, no fear of pulling the gun line and other operations, players and opponents in the area more safe to the gun. The most deadly point in the slope position is the attack behind the attack. Because there is no cover, encounters Slope attack is basically Planting .

Practical use: The advantage of the slope position is that we can use a third-person perspective to observe our opponents. The opponent cannot see us. If the opponent is on a slope, try to avoid the gun as much as possible. If there is a high magnification lens, you can choose to preview in advance and the opponent will play out.

Well, the above is In this issue, we will analyze the practical use, advantages and disadvantages of the common three outdoor bunkers. We hope to help players.

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