PUBG Mobile guide to make up for the shortcomings of the lack of marksmanship, novice card vision play teaching

PUBG Mobile: In the exciting battlefield , For many novice gamers, the biggest problem they face is shooting, and every time they encounter an enemy, they always have no problem. To fight back, and if the player wants to raise the marksmanship in a short time may be difficult, but we can use some skills to make up for the lack of marksmanship.

[Card Horizon Teaching]

The card horizon teaching is that players use the surrounding bunkers to hide themselves and make it difficult for opponents to see us . Front The of the rifle occurs , and then the timing is mobilized to initiate attack . (PS: Card view can only be used in third person)

More commonly used is Card back slope view, card window side view and card cover vision.

[card back slope view]

This method is most often used in passionate desert maps because of passionate deserts. The map is uneven and has few bunkers. Players can only automatically search for shelters.

Cover yourself with the topography of the terrain. When condescending, you can use your armpit or armpit position to reduce the size of your exposure , and then use the advantage of the third-person perspective to observe the enemy’s movement without exposing yourself. Find the right time to launch a counterattack.

[Card window side view]

There are many bunkers in the street game, and players are not necessarily looking for it. But if you find that there are other players in a room, then you have to play by the card window.

The window of the card can enlarge its own vision, and it is also possible to understand every move in the house. Under no circumstances can you break out of the window. Many players like to check the staircase angle. In fact, this method is already well-known. Therefore, whenever a player finds someone in the room, he or she will pay attention to the movement of the stairs. Therefore, the method of card stairs is a higher risk factor in the current game.

The view from the window of the card is as practical as possible in a high-rise building. Usually, there will be a balcony in the high-rise building. The balcony can shield you from being shot by outside enemies.

[card cover angle]

The bunker is more extensive, usually referring to stones, trees, and walls. And so on, the card cover can be said to be the most commonly used tactical technique in the game.

There are two kinds of card shelter angles, one is stealth operation and the other is passive operation. Sneak warfare is to use a bunker to help one’s own side. After all, the player’s perspective in the game is limited. Your behind will always make you feel insecure and give yourself behind the bunker. This is a safe tactic. It is advisable that players keep their knees down when they are ambushing their battles, so they can use the grass to shield themselves and confuse the enemy’s vision.

Passive operations are fired by the enemy. Do not change chaos at this time. First, confirm the small map. Find the location of the bullet marks and then determine which bunker to look for. During the pause, it is recommended that the player keep shooting around the probe, which can reduce the accuracy of enemy shooting. In the process of running towards the bunker, a snake-like running method should be adopted, which can also greatly reduce the enemy’s shooting hit rate.


For skills that players are not good at, we can choose to work around it. Overcome your own shortcomings.

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