PUBG Mobile guide Lay Chicken Cheats: The new Sky Archers update. How should the three new grips be added?

Recently, “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield” has updated the new version of “Sky Down Jones”. The new version has been updated a lot for the game, in addition to adding a new “fast-paced” war mode. The contents and props of the game have also been updated a lot, especially the accessories for the weapon grip, which has increased by three in one breath.

In the update of “The Heavenly Gradient Jones”, “PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield” has added three kinds of grips: light grip, half grip and thumb grip. Together with the right-angled grips and vertical grips that were previously available, the game quickly had five grips. Faced with a sudden increase in the number of grips, do you suddenly feel dazzling players, do not know what to choose?

Don’t be afraid not to panic, just hold your sister’s thigh just fine, and sister-in-law is here. Big guys to analyze and analyze which grip should be used.

Let’s start with Look at what attributes the three new grips have:

Thumb grip: sharply increase the opening mirror, slightly Reducing recoil

Half-style grip: Lowering the rear seat, increasing the recoil recovery and reducing the stability

Lightweight grip: Increases stability, increases recoil force, reduces recoil force Reply

It can be seen that the three new grips are added. In addition to the thumb grip, the other two grips provide a certain bonus for the weapons. Negative attributes.

Therefore, these three grips can no longer be used as freely as the right-angled and vertical grips. According to the actual situation and scene to decide which kind of grip to use.

The thumb grip is still relatively common. Any firearm can be used for quicker aiming. The half grip is more suitable for shooting fast weapons, while the light grip is suitable for single firing weapons.

However, players are still accustomed to using rifles for bursts. Let’s take a look at the three grips. How does the continuous shooting mode perform?

Here is the M416 rifle and red dot sight most commonly used by gamers. The accessories are only equipped with grips. Let’s take a burst test.

Thumb grip

Half-style grip

Light-weight grip

Through the bullet trajectory comparison of M416 in the above three figures, we can clearly see that the light grip has the highest recoil. The distance from which the entire trajectory rises is the furthest, the trajectory of the half grip is the shortest, and the thumb grip is between the two.

As for the left and right stability of the ballistics, the three grips are used after the comparison of multiple shots by Ms. The trajectory of the semi-styled grip is more stable, and the placement of the other two kinds of grip bullets will be more floating in most cases.

So if you can’t find right-angled and vertical-handed grips, it’s a good idea to use a half-style grip. The choice, of course, of a single shot sniper rifle may be a good light grip. However, if you can find right-angled grips and vertical grips, you still have to use the old guys. It’s even easier to use.

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