PUBG Mobile guide Explore the Nameless House on the West Side of Ipoh Desert

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”, the desert map is a peninsular terrain. Since the house area is not as concentrated as the island map, many of the desert maps are spawned. “123”, which is easily overlooked by players, is exactly what these unnamed houses hope to continue playing for the wilderness players in the desert map. Today we introduce a very subtle and material-rich region. I hope to help you play wild players.

As you can see from above, you can see that there are two very popular spots on the route of this game, Ipoh City and Johor Bahru City, and the next level includes the points. The old industrial area, in this case, most of the enemies will choose to land early in Ipoh City and Johor Bahru City, so here we decisively choose the nameless house on the west side of Ipo City as a landing place, because it is located away from the hot spots. Not far, but there is a distance between the mountains to ensure that no enemies will harass us. At the same time, if the shrinking circle is beneficial to us, you can easily touch the lights of the enemy in Ipo City. If the circle is unfavorable, everyone will run together. There is no loss.

It can be seen that this wild area is very large, even as many authentic spots with famous names, surprises are still behind, and the material inside is also not rich like a wild area.

Just after the first wave of gathering, we have almost fully equipped firearms and third-level heads, but this is not finished, because our goal is not only here.

The analysis of the route was absolutely correct. The shrinking circle is very beneficial to us. Therefore, we have plenty of time to collect the next wave. We only need to run all the way to the north. There is also 2 in front of it. The relatively large wild areas are waiting for us, and the way forward is very safe. No matter what the enemy wants to come and kill us, it is necessary to turn over the mountains on the left side of the city of Ipo, and no enemy will choose to oppose it. Go to the lap to come here to find our trouble.

Through the well-prepared lap route, we immediately came to the edge of the city of Ipo. At this time, the war in Ipo City had basically ceased. With the vehicles, we could rest assured that we could see a series of mistakes on the edge of Ipo, because Ipoh was very large. It is not realistic for any team to search the entire city.

After waiting long enough at the edge of the safe area, we can choose to advance to the finals. Here is a tip: If you have a vehicle and you have sufficient time, you can choose to move away from the safe area. On one side, the advantage of doing so is to ensure maximum security behind us, because we are the one who steals people and naturally cannot allow others to attack us.

in the gameIn the later period, because we have always been on the edge of the safe area, most of the fighting has nothing to do with us. We only need to pay attention to the position of the enemy and the time it takes to move forward easily. 5. It’s not easy to score points.

This style of play uses the psychological blindness of most players, and chooses an unknown name at the edge of the map. As a place of landing, the room steals development with the fastest speed, and at the same time guarantees that he will always be behind the enemy’s large troops. The advantage of this style of play is stronger than that of conventional playing field. At the same time, it will be more fat on the equipment and can make itself more competitive in the finals.

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