PUBG Mobile guide Submachine gun damage changes analysis! The current version UMP9 can get started?

Concerned about over-version Players who have made changes to the news are aware that the current versions of the firearms have received different damage boosts. However, because of the lack of understanding of the data, many players cannot understand how this change will affect the firearms. Here we have brought the data analysis in the game for everyone, to see how the UMP9 attribute in the submachine gun!

The UMP9 submachine gun has always been called the submachine gun closest to a rifle. The reason is that UMP9 has a relatively long range in submachine guns, as well as more stable performance.

Supports four-part accessories

Muzzle support: Submachine gun compensator, submachine gun flame arrester, Submachine gun muffler

Grip Support: Right-angle front grip, vertical grip, light grip, Half Grip, Thumb Grip

Clip Holder Support: Submachine gun quick clip, charge dilatation Clip, submachine gun rapid expansion bullet clip

sight support: red dot / Hologram, Double, Triple, Quadruple, Sixfold

Recommended Accessories: Submachine Gun Compensator, thumb grip, submachine gun rapid expansion clip, red dot / triple mirror

The new version does not change the stability of the UMP9 gun. All the changes are focused on the damage caused by the bullet. Let’s take a look at the comparison between the old and new version of the gun damage.

Old version

Single bullet damage: 35

Headshot damage: 250%

Physical Injuries: 100%

Limb injuries: 50%


Single shot damage: 38

Headshot damage: 180%

Physical Injuries: 100%

Limb injuries: 50%+? (How much is not yet clear)

Obviously, while increasing the basic damage of the submachine gun, the damage coefficient of the bullet to different parts of the human body was adjusted. The first is to adjust under the head injury factor, and to jump up the limb injury factor, which is equivalent to a short board that compensates for the reduction in headshot damage. Increased base damage resulted in a higher overall value of the UMP9 when it was fired.

In addition, it should be clear that because of the firing range, most submachine guns are fired directly at the target. The aiming-shooting operation is generally not available. Of course, there is another willingness. In addition to the fact that long-range combat effectiveness is not very good, sub-machine guns have a fast rate of fire, and the bullets are dense. It is better to sweep the target’s larger body and shoot more bullets instead of the smaller one. UMP9 is officially the same.

Usage of firearms

UMP9 still has a certain distance from the rifle in the long-distance range, and its main advantage is within 50 meters. Because the damage of any rifle is higher than UMP9, so to obtain the advantage it is necessary to play the advantage of the firearm itself , more distant from the gun, it is obviously a loss . The advantages of UMP9 are the advantages of high fire speed and low back seat. In the case of full fittings, a single shot and even four times within 50 meters can easily be used to fire the guns.

In addition UMP9 is also very effective in the gun. Far-range sweeps are certainly not UMP9’s strengths, but UMP9’s unique three shooting methods perfectly complement this shortcoming. In the face of enemies that are a little further than 50 or more, the difficulty of gunner shooting will be improved. At this time, switching to its unique two-shot shooting or single-shot shooting can also cause no small fire suppression effect on the target.

In general, UMP9 is indeed enhanced, but Compared to the previous styles, current version of UMP9 is more suitable for water-based sweeping suppression. Like players may wish to try it!

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