PUBG Mobile guide The best defense is offense, becoming a hunter rather than a prey.

In the stimulating battlefield, the tactics of play are very diverse. Many times we need to change the tactics according to the actual situation , but the ancients have clouds “The chaos kills the master”, in fact, this sentence is also applicable in the stimulating battlefield. Continuous killing of the enemy can maintain a large amount of support while maintaining its own combat state, and can eliminate all kinds of potential threats around. Although this idea may have a big loss in the high-end board with the card point as the core idea, the violent gun style can help the player to improve the understanding of the game, and can also accumulate in the low segment. Kill the number to get a good score.

Here is an example of actual combat, giving you a brief description of the gun type Some tactical points of the law.

Although the core play of the gun-fighting method is just a gun, we are not very suggestive here to set the landing point at the airport and the hot spots like P City. In addition, there are usually many elements that are not conducive to the practice of shooting. For example, P City has complex terrain and many houses. It is easy to be stolen by the enemy; the military base is located at the edge of the map, and the running pressure is too high.

So here we choose the relatively second-level resources of the school. As a place to land, first reduce the probability of landing into a box, and secondly because the terrain here is relatively open relative to P city, which is very conducive to the use of the gun.

After the teammates found that the enemy vehicle rushed into the front area, the two people did not choose to pick it up, but immediately attacked the enemy with each other. The reason for this is that if confronted with this team at this time, Let us lose the opportunity to transfer harvest, and thus further lose control of the game rhythm.

Many times, it is not as difficult as everyone thinks. Once the enemy’s position is determined, two grenades are thrown in. At the same time, one person rushes into the room to make a surprise attack, and the other stays outside the house to prevent the enemy from jumping out of the window. In the case, the enemy was directly killed in the house by two grenade.

In the second round of the circle, because the battle was not as intense as imagined, we chose to guard the enemy of the P city safety zone to catch other laps. There is a small here. In the details, when you look at the window, you must not look out and look directly, but use the perspective of the third person card to observe. Otherwise, in a slightly higher-end game, once found by the enemy, waiting for us may only be the fate of being headshot. .

For the gun-fighting method, if the airdrop is relatively close, it must be smashed, not only because of the materials inside, but also because the airdrop can attract nearby enemies, then we can Perform targeted destruction to resolve potential threats around you.

When the circle is relatively large and the enemy is relatively small, we can make a little wave because it is so big. The scope of the enemy may not be with you, and sometimes the concentration of concentration is likely to drop the chain at a critical moment.

At the same time, please note that in the late stage of the finals, one can stare at 180 degrees to find the enemy most quickly and give it to teammates. The report is joint strangulation, and it is forbidden for two people to look at the same direction together, so that once the enemy has emerged from our blind spot, we will not have the power to fight back.

In fact, just playing the gun is the best way to play in the game. At the same time, it is also the basis for implementing other tactics. If you encounter a bottleneck in the game, you may wish to use this style of play to strengthen your combat skills, and then temper yourself to suit your own style of play is the real right path.

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