PUBG Mobile guide Which one is more suitable for you?

In PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the battlefield, many novice players like to work as snipers. But be aware that the sniper’s accuracy in the shooting method and the understanding of the terrain of the map are very high, so it is not that the player picks up a sniper rifle to be the sniper. Today, I will explain to you the most basic requirements for being a sniper. Which one is right for you ?

[Pull 狙]

Pulling the shackles on the battlefield There are Kar98k, AWM and M24. At present, only Kar98k will be refreshed on the map, and the latter two will only appear in the airdrop, which shows how strong the pull bolt is.

AWM doesn’t have to say much, it is the most powerful weapon in the battlefield, regardless of the enemy. What kind of armor is carried, only one shot is required for the headshot, and the enemy is killed by up to two shots. It is definitely an artifact in the game. Such a strong sniper rifle, although it appears in the airdrop, has a very low probability of occurrence. Because the power of AWM is too strong, it is recommended that players only have to pick up when they encounter it! The M24 is much weaker than the power of AWM, but this sniper rifle can be placed with a sniper rifle and has a beautiful appearance. Advanced version of Kar98k.

Next, let the players introduce the most commonly used Kar98k. This gun is equivalent to the representative of the pull bolt, the power is much higher than the ordinary gun, ignoring the first-level helmet and the second-level helmet, the headshot is directly shot, and only the three-level helmet can block the ability of Kar98k, so say, pull The biggest meaning of sputum is the headshot.

If the player plays the pull pin, it is not a headshot, it is also recommended that players do not choose it. Each pull bolt is not only powerful, but also has a very accurate trajectory and a long range. It is a must-have for long-range attacks. But this only applies to the early game. Because the game starts with a large range of players’ activities, the advantage of pulling the shackles can be fully displayed, but when the player hits the game and enters the finals, they will find that the advantage of pulling the shackles in the game is weak, and the bullets switch speed. Too slow is its fatal weakness, so it is recommended that players can retain M24 and AWM in the later stage. If Kar98k recommends players to switch to some guns that are good at melee.

【连发狙】 ( Precision Shooter Rifle )

Lian Fa 狙 (Precise Shooter Rifles) There are many kinds of exciting battlefields, each with their own advantages. Their advantage is that the bullets are short and the fault tolerance is very high.

For the use of the hairpin, it is not as harsh as pulling the shackle. The shackle is a headshot, and the hairpin is “stroke”, although one or two shots Empty, but it will not affect the overall situation; the most important thing is that the shackles can be used as melee weapons when they are forced to do so. Although the rate of fire is slow, many of them are very powerful (except VSS);狙 bestThe long field is the medium and long distance. It is recommended that the lens should not be worn too high, because if you shoot with a long hair, the gun shake is too big, it is difficult for the novice player to control, and it is more difficult to hit the enemy. Therefore, compared with pulling the plug, the hairpin is more suitable for novice players.


An excellent sniper can judge himself according to the situation Which firearm should I use !

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