PUBG Mobile guide The weapon that can’t be equipped with sight is so strong?

PUBG Mobile: Stimulating battlefield players’ requirements for firearms is very demanding. Picking up firearms is not only to find the power, but also to find high precision, and the accuracy is precisely controlled by the scope, so many players do not hold some firearms that cannot be placed on the scope. Good feeling . Let’s introduce to you about the characteristics of the firearms that can’t be placed on the scope.


The most common firearms in submachine guns, with a very fast rate of fire, short and lean is more suitable for impact operations, UZI The melee has been very strong, and for melee assaults, the dependence on the scope is not high.

2.Thomson submachine gun

High damage, number of bullets More, Thomson is more stable with , but because of the inability to wear the scope, it is said that is However, you can take advantage of the large number of bullets and bullets that are used to sweep the vehicle.


A gun with the least power in the sniper rifle, positioning the sniper rifle, although it can shoot continuously, but the range is very Short and the clip capacity is very small. VSS comes with a quadruple sight and silencer. In addition to being good at stealth combat, the biggest feature is to act as a “telescope.” Players can use VSS to bring four times their scope when they don’t pick up a high-powered scope. The characteristics go to observe the distance.


Win94 It belongs to the lever type rifle, the shooting speed is too slow, and win94 is positioned as a sniper rifle, but it can not be pressed, which is the biggest reason for many players to abandon this gun. But many players should not know that win94 has a long range, great power, and the ballistics is very stable. In fact, this sniper rifle is very suitable for the sniper technology of the training players. It belongs to the “sniper beginner’s exercise weapon”


S1897 is more common in the map, and a magazine has five bullets, and the fault tolerance is very high. It belongs to the life-saving equipment after landing to the ground. It can be used as Transition Firearms to use.


霰弹 Big God player’s favorite, double tube 霰弹 , the rate of fire is extremely fast, the damage is high, the shooting interval is still very short, can achieve the effect of continuous spray ; but the S686 one clip has only two bullet capacity And the speed of changing bullets is very slow, which means that if two bullets do not kill the enemy, is easily hit by the opponent’s counter . Therefore, the fault tolerance rate is very low, if not very good 霰弹 The player of the gun Not recommended Use.

[Shooting method]

Cannot press the gun of the scope, if you want to improve the shooting Accuracy uses a first-person shooter or a no-mirror shot. These two methods magnify the player’s field of view and expose the enemy to your vision more clearly.

When the gun is fired, the player can choose not to open the mirror. After all, when the two are just shooting No need for cumbersome previews, direct selection of non-open shots can also reduce the player’s opening time.


Can not press the scope of the firearms also have their own strong One point, players should never negate them because of a shortcoming. !

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