PUBG Mobile guide sniper mode classic routine, you can take the chicken

With the opening of the sniper mode in the entertainment mode , many of the small partners started their own sniper training. In the sniper mode, because there is no vehicle, the running circle becomes very difficult, so the control of the game rhythm can be said to be beyond imagination. Here to give you a practical recommendation of a sniper mode “catch the mountain stream” play. I hope everyone can have fun in the sniper mode.

The core idea of ​​this game is to use G town north The high mountains come to drag the rhythm of the game, thus achieving the purpose of safe transfer and killing the enemy.

At the beginning of the game, we will choose the unnamed room in the north of G town as the foothold. In fact, in the classic mode, this place is not rich, can support two people at most, but in the sniper mode In the meantime, the amount of materials has been greatly increased, which allows us to get good equipment no matter where we land.

After collecting the basic equipment, we can immediately start to move on the mountain. Many people may ask, is this too blatant? In fact, in the sniper mode, the previous confrontation is relatively Longer, many teams can’t handle the enemy at hand, how can I manage the climber? And even if I want to manage it, the 8x mirror in the sniper mode is not so good, it is not Everyone is a master of 4 times instant, we can use this time difference to reach the top of the mountain safely.

Once you reach the top of the mountain, this tactic can be said to have been completed in half. It should be noted that we do not need to slam the enemy at the top of the mountain. The sniper rifle is very inefficient when facing a group of enemies. Found by the enemy, it is likely to be trapped in the mountains.

At this time we will use “Catch Mountain Stream” After reaching the summit, we quickly ran back and forth on the ridge. The purpose of this was to clear other enemies on the top of the mountain and create a safe condition for our running circle.

Wait until the lap is about about 1 minute, we will start to lap. At this time, since we have cleaned up the enemy on the top of the mountain, we don’t have to worry about being behind us on the road. High points threaten us, but watch the house when going down the mountain to prevent being attacked.

Here is a suggestion for everyone, whether it is standard mode or other mode, anyone There are reasons to fly solo, but the sniper mode is not good. In the sniper mode, because only the sniper rifle can be used, the enemy does not have the ability to quickly fill us after knocking us down. If there is a teammate at this time. At the side, throwing a smoke bomb can make everyone easy to get out of trouble, and in the building can also be assured of the gun, do not have to worry about the enemy driving the building, and then pull it, which can greatly improve the chicken rate.

In the sniper mode, because there is no vehicle, the card poisoning tactics commonly used in the classic mode It is not very useful, so be sure to grasp the timing of the running circle. Once you open the road ahead, you must move forward quickly to avoid the dilemma of running poison.

Here is a small summary. In the sniper mode, players must be very united in order to win, especially in the finals, one more teammate can improve the winning rate of 25%, and 4 people are fully edited into the finals. I will put tremendous pressure on all the enemies. I hope everyone will remember.

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