PUBG Mobile guide Island map best hit wild spots, hilltop ruins tactics introduction

PUBG Mobile: There are many tactics to stimulate the battlefield. The current popular ones are town search and wild play. The wild tactics usually appear in the game. In fact, this tactic is also suitable for playing games in peacetime. This article will give you an explanation of the best places to play in the map of the Jedi Islands.

[Location Introduction]

The recommended spot for the wilderness is the ruins of the mountain. Many players call this place “Bright Top”. The ruins of the top of the mountain are very high in altitude and the area is very large, but the number of houses is very small. Most of the materials are scattered in the rubble. The most important thing is that the ruins of the mountaintop are too remote, and the final circle can be retracted here. The chances are small.

The ruins of the top of the mountain are surrounded by space. Not only are the houses sparse, but also other towns. Very far, so the amount of materials in this place is very limited, the whole team equipment is difficult to form. So compared to town search, this place is more suitable for wild tactics.

[Tactical introduction]

Because of the lack of supplies on the top of the mountain ruins, many players do not like to jump here, which greatly reduces the risk of players landing the gun.

Although the initial number of landings is very small, it does not mean that no one is present. It is recommended that the player choose the house first because the material refresh rate in the house is very high. Even if the firearms are not picked up, hiding in the house can also protect their safety.

There are two options for picking up the firearm. First, clean up the enemy. After all, the materials on the top of the mountain are limited. Sharing with the enemy is not a wise choice. Second, if you do not have confidence in your own shooting methods, it is recommended that the player go to find the vehicle, drive away from the ruins, and prepare to go to the next wilderness location. (To select wilderness towns or towns farther from the initial waterway)

The main material of the ruins on the top of the mountain is still in the ruins. If you notice that there are no enemies around, it is recommended that the player take a carpet search program because the quality of the materials in the ruins is still very high.


1. Player Once you think your equipment is formed, look for the vehicle first. The ruins on the top of the mountain usually refresh a vehicle. This vehicle can help the player escape from the non-safe area.

2. The necessary equipment for the wild tactics, players without vehicles are hard to escape In addition to the non-safe area, in addition to the vehicle, the vehicle can also protect the player’s safety during the lap.

3. The terrain from the top of the mountain ruins is very steep. Whether the player is driving the vehicle or running down, Pay attention to the steepness of the terrain.

4. When searching for supplies in the ruins of the mountain, players can take advantage of the first safety zone reduction The damage search is brought, but the premise is to find the vehicle.

5. Once the player does not find the vehicle during the lap, it is recommended that the player follow the road direction. Running, because the chances of refreshing the vehicle on the road are great.


The top ruins of this place are very suitable for wild tactics, have not tried Players who play wild here can try it out !

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