PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] There is also psychology in the battlefield. Can you still play like this?

As a new generation of battlefield rookie, if you can kill your opponent and make you feel satisfied, it is too much to dream. The so-called “full warmth and lust”, in the face of the enemy, if you do not play a few hands, how can you afford the guns in your hand? In fact, many players have had such an idea. If you can show a scalp and numb operation, even if the next second “death on the spot” is not on the island.

Where are the non-wet shoes often walking by the river? If you want to show the operation, you will have the awareness of rollover. Fancy rollovers are definitely commonplace for old drivers who like Sao.

What kind of operation can be considered as a operation? This is mainly reflected in the word “Sao”, which is indispensable for not following the rules of the card, unexpected, and contrary. If you want to know the opponent, you must first understand the simple “combat psychology”. As long as you master the essence, you can play the opponent between applause.

“Card perspective” is one of the most basic operations in the battlefield. With a third-person perspective, players can observe nearby dynamics while hiding themselves. This will easily lead to an embarrassing situation. When you find the opponent on the side of the wall and the opponent sees you at the same time, the scene becomes very embarrassing… At this time, apart from the wall separating the two people, you can no longer find a suitable one. The hiding place. At this point, we must test the player’s “psychological” to see who is more able to withstand temper! As time passed slowly, the safe area shrank again. The two men still confront each other in the wall, and they must suffer from the loss of the first person. Even if you take advantage of the damage outside the safe area, you must bear it!

The importance of the routine is now highlighted, and the focus of the notebook is coming! From a psychological point of view, when the two sides confront each other, they are most afraid of third-party opponents. You only need to take out a few shots of weapons in the distance, and you can definitely let your opponents be too busy to scare yourself. As for the map prompt gunshots? Please, who is going to pay attention to the small map.

There is a very important first condition for you to play the power of “battlefield psychology”, that is, the opponent must be “competitive” with himself. In other words, if you meet Xiaomengxin, your little tricks to divert attention will not work. He will only stubbornly “guard” the little bloodline left between you. If you meet a big sister… Don’t think about fighting with him, be prepared to go to the next round of tickets.

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