PUBG Mobile guide Neglected supplies, but it may be your life-saving straw

PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the battlefield This game has a lot of materials, and there are many different kinds of games. I believe that many players have not used all the materials until now. In fact, these materials are not rare, but the players. Some materials are very strange, I feel that they are not used at all when playing games. However, there are many strange materials, which are often your life-saving straw.

1. Burning bottle

Burning bottles are very lethal, are throwing weapons of continuous damage, and have a wide range of attacks. However, because the fragment grenade is powerful and direct, many players will compare the two and then drop the burning bottle. In fact, the burning bottle can not only be used as an attack weapon.

Because the burning bottle is a continuous damage weapon, the range of burning will gradually expand, so you can use it to block the enemy’s offensive route ; you can also use the burning bottle to burn the effect, to force the enemy to escape the house; The most important thing is that the burning bottle can break the formation of the enemy team mode, you know, the burning effect is contagious.

2. Earthquake bomb

Among the many throwing weapons, the bomb is almost the least picked up by the players, but don’t underestimate the earthquake. The power of the bomb.

The first impression of the bomb is to interfere with the enemy’s field of vision. In fact, not only that, but also the earthquake bomb can interfere with the enemy’s auditory effect. Players in high-end games don’t all look at small maps to judge the position of the enemy. Once they find enemies around them, they sometimes judge the position according to the sound. At this time, the bombs play a role.

3. Gasoline

This material is believed to have been seen by many players, but it will not be picked up. It is considered that gasoline does not help at all in the game.

In fact, gasoline is designed for wild players because of the core of playing wild players. It’s the vehicle. Once the vehicle has no driving ability, the consequences will be terrible. The vehicle has no oil. I believe the players should have encountered it. !

4. Crossbar

Many players would rather use the pistol as a core weapon than the crossbow. They think that the crossbow is too slow to change the bullet. Once there is no fire, there is no chance of winning. .

The crossbow is powerful in stimulating the battlefield The weapon closest to AWM, no matter if you are a few helmets, the crossbow head will kill directly. Not only that, the crossbow has a real silence, killing invisible, and some players like to pick one in the game. Put the cross and sneak into the enemy in the finals

5. UZI

UZI may be the least optimistic weapon in a submachine gun. Do not say that the microscope is too small, and the power is too small, not favored by players.

But for some players with higher accuracy, UZI Can be used to the extreme. First of all, UZI’s rate of fire is really fast. Once a melee occurs, as long as the player preempts the player, it will be easy to kill the enemy. Not only that, but the UZI is extremely stable and with a very fast rate of fire, melee can be said to be Invincible existence.

Summary :

A lot of supplies are not valued by players, but It does not mean that these materials are not strong. They each have their own uses. As long as the players are used properly, the influence of these materials will exceed your imagination.

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