PUBG Mobile guide inventory points that can’t jump, desert landing error

In the desert map, the distribution of points is far less than the science of islands. Therefore, we must be cautious in the choice of the point of placement, because once the wrong landing point is chosen, it is good to be poor. Many times, because of the open terrain of the desert, the transfer on the plain is simply a target. A person who is not careful may even know how to be eliminated. So let’s talk to you today about the deserts that are not suitable for starting as a landing point.

Military base, the military base in the desert is different from the military base of the island, mainly because it is too !!! Because it is too close, so always in the shrinking circle The first to be left behind, and the military base has a small probability that there is no car nearby. If you encounter the “Heavenly Circle” + “No Car” at the same time, it will make us play better than death, and the whole game is exhausted. Finally, I struggled for a long time, and there is still the possibility of dying. However, it is gratifying that the materials here are still relatively qualified, no matter the quantity or the number. The shortcoming of the displacement is that the collection time is relatively short, so it is better to be able to occupy the whole team and quickly complete the collection of materials.

Impala town, how to say this place, the quality of materials in the other famous names can be said to be in the countdown, but the biggest feature is the large amount, is able to support a team of wild areas However, the shortcomings of this point are also obvious. It is easy to be shot by the enemy of the Lion City when the circle is closed. Once you are unfortunately confronted by the enemy while running, the situation will be very bad, and if you don’t go to the lion, The direction of the city shifts, and the road to the direction of the big mine is unobstructed. Once there are enemies set up, in most cases, it is difficult to fly, especially in the case of insufficient equipment.

Brick factories, small mines, typical chicken ribs, poverty is not a resource point. If poverty can be killed by sneak attack, then the geographical location is not technically resolved, there is Johor Bahru. There is an old industrial area on the right, and the mountains are ups and downs. If the people under the mountain have a mirror, we are likely to become the target of others, and there is no way to fight back.

Ruins and trailers, in fact, the materials in these two points are so poor as imagined, but if you want to choose these two points to land only two cases, the first is to fly off immediately, then Choose to land here, or at the end of the flight route. Both of these parachuting methods are very inappropriate.

Let me talk about the first one, and fly backwards to reduce the enemy. Probability, but it will leave a lot of foreshadowing on the road of laps. At the same time, the vehicle is refreshed relatively little. Once the lap is unfavorable, it is likely that there is no chance of transfer, and because it is located at the edge of the map, if the collection efficiency is not On the other hand, it is easy to come to the material circle without leaving the material circle. At this time, it will fall into a dilemma.

In the second case, there will be many people coming together at the end of the plane. , so we can’t guarantee the safety of our landing. At the same time, because it is the end of the flight, we must know that once the flight is over, it will start to count down, and we are probably still in the sky at this time. The time for us to collect materials will be even more tense. .

These are some landing points that are not recommended for everyone. I hope I can give you a little more. help.

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