PUBG Mobile guide Lying chicken cheats: sacrificed a teammate, even bless us to kill from the city melee

Even if you don’t go to work, don’t sleep, you can’t eat chicken! I love to eat chicken, I am coming again! Today, my sister took a break and finally I can play “PUBG Mobile: Stimulate the Battlefield” for a whole day!

The first sister-in-law, I came to play a single random four-row, and three teammates can still The sense of security is that I am always afraid of being alone.

Game start Four random teammates have a good communication, and everyone is discussing where to parachute. I am planning to mark a wild area, I suggest that you go to the wild with me, I did not expect the teammates on the 2nd directly to the Ipo City under the aircraft route.

Is the boy so fierce? Even in the big cities near the route, I feel a bit imaginary! However, as the most loyal sister-in-law, since you choose a big city, I will give up my life with the gentleman and go with you to the big city.

The rhythm of landing two UMP9 is a bit wrong! Are you kidding in such a big city without a rifle? However, the feeling of holding UMP9 is also fierce!

Oops! The teammates were knocked down. It seems that I can only save the poor teammates with UMP9 in the past.

After pulling up his teammates, he went to find the enemy who knocked him down. He quickly found this person in the nearby boxing gym. Hey! So arrogant? Killing people still don’t hurry to transfer and still find the materials in this peace of mind. Look at my sister, I am a big fan, and I will avenge my teammates.

It’s easy to get it, but did the big brother search for such a thing for a long time? Your courier is too unqualified, so SKS is still barely able to. My sister will be free from laughter.

Oops! The teammates grabbed the head very smoothly! I have been working hard for a long time, the young man, you actually grabbed my head, it is too unconscion, bullying me without high magnification is right.

No. 1 teammates have not escaped the fate of being eliminated, or they have been eliminated by the enemy. They sacrificed a teammate at the beginning and felt that they had the opportunity to eat chicken.

It seems that the role of the sacrifice teammates is still very effective. The three of us left the whole city and killed it. On this road, I was a big killer and I took five heads. It’s really beautiful, it’s super enjoyable, it seems that there is still a chance to continue to sacrifice his teammates in the future. There are wood!

I am about to enter the finals. I am lucky enough to pick up an airdrop box. Does M249 not know about it? Both teammates are also very energetic, and they will try their best to eat chickens and remember the No. 1 team members who were sacrificed.

On the way to driving, people were charged for the toll. Four people did not respond to the car and they were blown up. Oh, unfortunately my M249, I haven’t shot a shot yet, I will send it to someone else.

However, this game has taken 5 heads, which is also very good! It’s not a shame to eat chicken!

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