PUBG Mobile guide Misplaced artifact! MK14 correct eating guide

In the early days of the game , we usually only know what to use, no matter what the gun, can help us survive is a good gun. In fact, in the game, the firearms are also varied, from pistols to single hairpins, and because of this setting, in the middle and late stages of the game, there must be a lot of firearms will directly sit on the cold bench.

In the usual game, the favorite combination of firearms They are usually rifles + sniper rifles, because this combination allows us to easily face enemies in the middle and close range, as well as sneak attacks and guns on enemies over long distances. The most popular rifle is the M416. This gun is equipped with a large number of accessories. After the full match, it is excellent in stability, rate of fire, power, range, ballistics, ammunition, and damage. M416 is absolutely no problem as its main battle weapon.

The choice on the sniper rifle is also surprisingly consistent. Very favored 98K, M24, AWM these guns, very interesting, love does not mean that these three guns strong, SKS is also a big killer in the hands of the master, but why do players still like these single hairpins? Because in this game, no one can resist the thrill of knocking down teammates in an instant. To put it bluntly, like a single hairpin, it is purely cool. Because of its powerful suppression force, other players are afraid to shoot the gun without knowing the details. But in the shooter rifle, there is an airdrop gun that nobody cares about, and that is MK-14.

I believe that when I mentioned the gun of “Sister Control”, many people are very contemptuous, because the speed of the bullet is not as good as the Mini, and the stability is not as good as the full SKS, but it exists. Reasonable, as a shooter rifle, but with a fully automatic mode, we have to think about another use of this gun.

In terms of power, except for a few people’s equal sprays and odd crosses, MK-14 ranks fourth in injury, and the damage of the sniper rifle is not covered, even AKM. Single shot damage is also low MK-14 One head, and we usually think that AKM is more efficient in knocking down enemies because it is actually at the rate of fire. This makes the mk-14 an advantage when used as a rifle.

In addition to the damage, the rate of fire determines the explosive ability of a rifle, then we will test the speed of MK-14, we used 4 mainstream weapons, shot 20 rounds of bullets The test results are as follows:

AKM: 1.90S




As seen in the results, MK The -14’s rate of fire is really not slow.

In addition, many players still think that the back seat of MK14 is too big. In fact, if we use this gun as a sniper rifle, the recoil is really very big, but as a rifle. Although the rear seat force is not as good as m416, it is better than most water guns. After many tests, the MK-14’s trajectory has a very special feature, that is, it will appear to the left and immediately toward the left when shooting. Right-biased (and the probability of being biased to the left will be larger, but completely irregular). If we can master this feature of the gun, MK-14 can play an outstanding role in our hands. .

To sum up, MK-14 as a shooter rifle does not really Too qualified, but as a rifle is actually very good, in addition to the low amount of ammunition leading to poor fault tolerance, in fact, this gun can be used as a rifle.

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