PUBG Mobile guide The target range that nobody cares about hides these secrets!

In the exciting battlefield, many players like to land in some prosperous towns, think that there are many bustling towns and houses, and the material refresh rate is high ; there are also many players who like to land in the wilderness, take Playing wild tactics; but few players choose to land in scattered places in some houses. They think that this kind of place is lacking in materials and searching for goods is too much trouble, but this is not the case. Today, I will introduce you to the shooting range where the house is scattered but hides many treasures.


There are really too few houses in the shooting range There is only one house, not to mention the large resource point , which is The scattered area of ​​the wild area More than the shooting range. But in fact, the location of this place does not depend on the house, the place of the material is more in the open space .

There are two rows of small grass houses under the house of the shooting range. The chances of refreshing the firearms are particularly large, and the quality of the refreshing firearms is very high, almost all rifles.

In addition to the single-family cottage , some firearms and basic materials will be refreshed on the table or petrol can in the shooting range.

There are many types of firearms in the shooting range, but the probability of other materials and accessories is very low. Especially for armor and sights, it is rare in the shooting range.

[Rocks Advantages and Disadvantages]

Advantages: The shooting range is almost unattended, and the start of landing has greatly reduced the landing and just grabbed it. The chance to land on the shooting range is to ensure that the player has a good start ; in addition, the firing rate of the shooting range is sufficient to provide the weapon needs of the three players. It is recommended that the first team in the double team mode can choose the shooting range.

Disadvantages: low range and anti-material refresh rate, want to get quality in the shooting range Very high materials and accessories are almost impossible.


The terrain of the shooting range is still very flat, but its surrounding terrain is ups and downs, and most of them are wilderness. ; northeast of the shooting range Mountain The right side is S City, so if you search for material in the shooting range, the most important direction is the northeast, because many players land in S City. If you find that there are too many enemies in the city, you will want to transfer the next position. The biggest possibility of this position is the shooting range.

There is a road in the north of the shooting range. The refresh rate of the road uploading equipment is extremely high. After searching for the materials, the player can go to the north to find the vehicle and drive the vehicle to the next target location.

[tactical strategy]

After searching the shooting range, players can choose the following two play tactics.

First, attack S City, the player when searching the shooting range Although the equipment is not formed, it also has a strong fighting ability. At this time, you can choose to attack S City. After all, there are many houses in S City, and the material refresh rate is also very high. It is indeed appropriate to go to S City to supply materials.

Second, the driving vehicle wants to move in the southwest direction. There are scattered houses in the southwest direction of the shooting range. Although the number of houses is small, the players can accumulate little by little. This type of play avoids the embarrassing situation of being confronted with the enemy and has a high safety rate.

Summary :

Shooting Range for Lone Wolf Players Or the double team mode landing, don’t underestimate the refresh rate of the shooting range firearms !

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