PUBG Mobile guide Avoid 尴尬! The must-see details of the game

In “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”, I believe that the biggest problem for veteran players when they match their novice teammates or friends is that novice teammates can’t make a good judgment and deal with the situation and details. In this issue, we will explain the details of the game and the enemy’s recent links for the novice players. Let’s take a look.

[Shooting Mode]

Here are mainly automatic guns such as rifles, many In the face of long-distance distance to the enemy, the single-point mode can indeed hit the enemy more effectively and accurately, of course, this is also the old players who deal with the details in place. The biggest problem for many novices and advanced players is that they have poor memory. They use a single-player to forget to switch. When they are attached to the enemy, they are thinking about another quick delivery. The result is that they only hit one pop-up after pressing the fire button. But this time I want to switch is too late, and the express delivery becomes a delivery. So if you have eaten a player who has lost the shooting mode many times, then it is recommended that you either not switch, or not far away, or directly shoot.

[Team Cards]

The team card is also the most elegant one. Link. Especially the novice players like “Gathering the crowd” to landlords, a small bungalow to open the house, four people together to brush the 蹲 together … face to the skilled old players, is just a grenade thing. Therefore, more often, card buildings or bunkers, as far as possible to learn to disperse the station, to maintain a certain distance from the opponent also need to maintain a certain distance. There are many purposes. One can avoid being defeated by opponents, having a distraction of life and a little more hope. Secondly, it can form a long gun line and cross firepower. When encountering an opponent, it can make it difficult for opponents to concentrate, and the gun link is more advantageous.

[Rescue teammates]

The most embarrassing novice players are When I saw the box, I went to squatting, and a gun battle broke out a few seconds before the box appeared. Not confirming whether there are other enemies around, and running to the box immediately is the most common mistake for novice players. The other is to rescue teammates. When I saw the teammate who was knocked down, the first time was not to rescue the teammates, but to judge the opponent’s position, and then prevent the opponent from filling the gun. The rush to go online can only make one more box on the ground. What needs to be done at this time is to judge the opponent’s position, when the fallen teammate climbs to a relatively safe position, then rescue, or throw two smoke to obstruct the opponent’s field of vision and so on.

[Single-handed building]

Sticking to the building is in the game Basic common sense, there is only one person left in the team. In the face of enemy multiplayer attacking and defending the building, it is often waiting to die. You must know that the opponents are going upstairs, even if you are a AKM, the opponents will be knocked down one after another. The first two possibilities are greater, but the next enemy. Therefore, when there are multiple steps downstairs, you need to adjust your thinking. You can find a way to turn over and think about the strategy after the opponent enters the building. At least there is a chance to fight, but there is basically no chance inside.

Well, the above is the details of the game battles brought to the novice players. Did the novice players learn? ?

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