PUBG Mobile guide Those who can’t jump, the island’s landing error

I believe that you can often see “XX best point, landing costume” article on the Internet. Many players who have seen the Raiders for a long time will feel that as long as it is in the article. The point that is said is fat, and this is not the case. Different points, material grades and collection difficulty are different. Today, we will arrange a row of “pit” in the game for everyone. Must not jump.

Z City, K City, S City, these three coastal cities can be said to be a veritable city of poverty, although they are such a big point on the map, but the materials inside are low-level and difficult to disperse Collecting, I am really sorry for the title of “City”. We have a netizen who has searched a city from K City and only brought UZI out. The three cities are at the edge of the map and are easily troubled by running circles. These three cities have a high probability of brushing out even a motorcycle as a vehicle, but the serious shortage of materials will make us extremely competitive in the middle of the game and will be eliminated early.

L City, the reason why L City is not put together to talk about it, because L City has this other layer of shackles compared to the above cities, that is, the pain of transferring too much, out L City is facing a continuous mountain, and this place, the chance of brushing is really lower than other nearby points, take the distance from L City to the house, because of the mountain road, the actual distance It may be twice the distance on the map. Not only is it slow to travel, but it is also very easy to be trapped by the enemy of the house and Y City. And then again, on the horizontal line, jumping any point is better than here, and there is a heavyweight opponent like nuclear power in the vertical direction. If it is not dropped, why should you choose to land here?

N port, N port relative to the above points, can be said to be hot now, but in fact this point is not very good, the reason for the heat is very simple, because many people think that the military base The competition is too fierce and it is easy to land in a box, but the more you think about it, the more people jump here. In the usual game, if the route passes here, there are always more than 4 teams choosing to land here because the materials are relative to the military base. There is a lot of scarcity, so competition will be more intense than other points.

The mine is typically a pit person. Don’t look at the mine area is very large, but the materials are very scattered, and because of the high-rise buildings, the collection is so efficient and wants to leave the mine. It is necessary to go to the vast area to find a car. The ending is that it is easy to be killed by other enemies who are yin. Even if there are very few people jumping here, we need to consider the problem of running the circle. If the circle is once on the right side of P, Our situation will be very passive, especially after the encounter or confrontation on the road, because there is no decent bunker on the road, bulletproof clothing and other materials will often not be added, even if you are lucky enough to enter the finals, the equipment will not be special Ok, so unless there are 4 people with special routines, don’t choose to land here.

The above mentioned points are not absolutely impossible to choose, but in In general, there are better choices than them. Choosing these points before making a clear battle rhythm is not worth the loss. It is likely that we miss the opportunity to eat chicken.

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