PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] You are not really happy

At first, I felt that eating chicken is a happy thing, but as more and more couples join the game, watching them play in the game, eat chicken It’s so boring. Gradually, I abandoned the group row and slowly got used to the single row of lonely journey: no one comforted, but even if I successfully eat chicken, I didn’t cheer for you. Maybe this is the fate of a single dog.

Single time has been a long time, watching the male colleagues around me feel that the eyebrows are clear. Perhaps my colleague noticed the “crisis feeling” and made a suggestion to me in time: Since you have a good game, why not go to the game and find a CP? In a word that awakens a dreamer, this sentence is not a problem. With my hard-core technology, I can easily get the approval of my sister. Add my friends, open the black every day, build friendship, and finally I will be able to embark on the peak of life.

Time is precious, unsealing the trumpet for a long time, stimulating the battlefield to start… Team mode walks. But after a night, either the famous flower or the monk, the cruel reality broke my unrealistic thoughts. The last one! I secretly cheered myself up in my heart. If I don’t have a sister, I will go to sleep.

It may be the prayer of a colleague or the favor of God, who finally met the last moment before my despair. 1″. Looking back now, the female voice I heard at the time was not so good, but in my opinion, the voice was comparable to the sky. The girl could see that she was a newbie. The process of searching for the turtle speed was so painful. I and two other teammates quickly searched out a room. She slowly walked out of the third house, Ward. .

“Collection, moving to the safe area”, one of his teammates seemed to wait a little impatient and began to urge. I am busy standing out to fight round, what is not shrinking now, no need to worry, now there is an ambush in such an rush to hurry… a serious nonsense, anyway, this old face is not. But the effect is still there. The sister thanked me. I was a little bit flustered. I was ambushed when I approached a room. Although my reaction was quick and quick, I couldn’t beat the four hands. It was also knocked down if one had to do it.

Fortunately, several teammates arrived in time to save me, and killed two other guys who were yin, but I was seen by the sisters and I finished playing. The group of passers-by who were not familiar with each other, the one with high technology was the conductor. I didn’t expect that I turned the boat in the gutter. Nothing, next time I will perform well, well, definitely!

I was anxious to prove myself that when I was about to enter the safe area, I was shot again. The teammates finally couldn’t help but start complaining: This dish is still running so fast, looking for death. Then there is another blow from the sister: How is this person more than me? I… This time I was not so lucky. The enemy was obviously the “goalkeeper” and occupied the top of the terrain. I was quickly killed and gave a cool message to myself.

I am disheartened, I closed the game directly, lying in bed and thinking about life: What I deserve is a double happiness, why is it like this?Perhaps this is life, single row is my choice.

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