PUBG Mobile guide stimulates the battlefield’s five legends

In the stimulating battlefield, many players complain that their shooting methods are not good enough, and they are often knocked down when the advantage is against the gun. However, the only way to improve the shooting method is to practice more. The body method is not the same, the body method is much easier to train than the gun method, and the skill of the body method is much stronger, as long as you know how to use it, you can get started with a little practice. At the same time, it should be noted that since the perspective of stimulating the battlefield is using the third person, if you can use the perspective reasonably, you can also gain great advantages. Let us look at the five methods that have been regarded as legends. !

1. 蹲射

This is simple The practical body method has been familiar to everyone to ignore, the biggest role of the stun is to effectively reduce the recoil of the firearm, its biggest role is to sweep the car or when playing the enemy in the movement, after reducing the recoil, can be greatly Improve the stability of our guns.

2. Flash

This technique is often forgotten by novices That is, when shooting behind obstacles such as doors and windows, we can retreat immediately after shooting a few shots sideways, instead of dying with the enemy, it is simple, but in view of the difficulty of mobile phone operation. Few players can master this body. Once we master this method, we will greatly increase the chances of survival when we are on the gun, because even if we are shot in the gun, we can immediately return to the bunker for packaging treatment, and in the attack, intermittent attack It also makes it impossible for the enemy to find our position in the first place.

3. New Year

New Year’s shooting has been Many players have rated one of “flashy” methods, but the classics of the New Year’s shooting method are unquestionable. Even in the early shooting games, this method has been confirmed over and over again. And it has been passed down to today, it can be proved that it still has a certain role.

The main function of this body is to reduce the area of ​​the bullet, this trick The gunshot method can maximize the chance of winning when it is close to the encounter, because once the gun is started in the stimulating battlefield, even if the underarm is pressed, the character will continue to shoot, and our target suddenly shrinks sharply. We can continue to attack the enemy, who wins and who is high.

In addition to close combat, the New Year’s rush can be reasonable when fighting over-the-horizon Use the anti-slope and cover to save one’s life.

4. Snake skin

In actual games, we often encounter such a situation In a uncovered area, the safe area is shrinking. Our only chance is to directly rush into the safe area. At this time, we are the best target of the enemy. At this time, the only thing that can save us is the snake skin. When you stop, when you move left and right, the enemy can’t completely understand our route. If you can do it yourself, you don’t know where you are going next, then it is very difficult for the enemy to knock you down. Of course, this body is generally used in emergency situations. If you encounter 4 enemy organized card points, it is difficult to help us out of the difficult situation

5. Swipe repeatedly

This method is very easy to use in the close range, many anchors are used frequently, specific The operation method is to sweep the enemy without opening the mirror, and constantly run to the left and right. After the gun is shaken, many enemies will be stunned by us, and even after a shuttle bullet is hit, Kill us, and we only need to concentrate on aiming to be able to kill the enemy. There is another variant of this body method, that is, running in one direction at a close distance. If the enemy can follow the gun, then immediately run back. If we can’t keep up, we will continue to go in this direction. Many times we can help us. Win in the close combat.

In the stimulating battlefield, all the play is not static, but Learn to use the various methods in a reasonable way to combine the actual situation, in order to win every battle.

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