PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] The wonderful connection between firearms and the workplace

There are many kinds of firearms that stimulate the battlefield, and the types of firearms vary from the AWM that many people dream of to the small pistols that can be seen everywhere, but even the same gun type, in performance. It’s also a different day. When you compare these guns to the workplace, they have many similarities.

Pistol: “Chicken Rib”

I have seen double scorpion and double submachine guns, but I just don’t see Have eaten chicken with a pistol. The pistol can be said to be the most common firearm in the game, but whether it is the revolver “R1895” that McRae really loves, or the P18C that shoots automatically, the player will only take a look at the jumper, but as long as the follow-up For any other type of firearm, the pistol will be discarded. The damage is low and the rate of fire is slow. The pistol is like a general person in the talent market. Although there are some skills but can only be used as a transition, the best result is selected by the start-up company, but with the development of the company. Will be abandoned.

M416: Almighty but need to train

Using M416 with no accessories to move the target, it will really make people think Mama, and the complete body M416 are exactly two “species.” But I have to say that the title of the M416’s gun king can still be maintained for a while. After all, the word “all-powerful” is not covered. M416 can be said that all the bosses want to meet the talents, just like the elite college students just out of the school, although the first entry into the workplace will be a bit sloppy, but the foundation is there, the plasticity is very strong, although it takes a long time to cultivate, but Once you grow up, you can be alone.

Shotgun: Double-edged sword

The shotgun that was given the “spray” title by the majority of players, simply do not Too good. The shotgun has the same ability as the “network sprayer” in the true sense, and can easily hurt others. Although it does not have the same rate of fire as the “keyboard man”, it hurts a lot. The upper and lower limits are extremely high, but the field of application is small. The sprays are like those who have a long skill, but they are proud of themselves. The kind of employees who are arrogant in one acre and three places are not very useful in a certain period, but once the company is stable, these ” The instability of the thorn is “stabbing” the user’s hand to a large extent.

AWM: Strategic Talent

Nine of the ten airdrop players are directed at the gun. It is not an exaggeration to say that AWM is the “dream lover” of all players. Whether it is the second-level or the third-level head, it is a shot by AWM. Many people want it but play it in the hands of most people. It must be said that it is a very ironic thing. . AWM is like a kind of talented strategic talent. Small companies have small platforms and can’t play the talents of such talents. They either bury them or are dug up by big companies (jobs), but at that time they really show their talents. time. In fact, I have never seen such a talent. This is purely a brain hole, slightly abbreviated.

Submachine gun: simple and practical

Although everyone is generally a standard configuration step by step, But I have to say that the submachine gun can still have a place in the record. The middle distance is barely matched with the rifle, the close range can compete with the sprayer, and the recoil of the submachine gun is the lower of all firearms. The hard-working employees and the submachine guns are the most similar, simple but practical, and they are very easy to use. The departments composed of these ordinary employees are the backbone of the company.

People have the wind and the guns have a gun spirit. Although there is no necessary connection between the two, the faint can find out the contrast.

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