PUBG Mobile guide refuses to report indiscriminately, the simplest point of instruction

In the exciting battlefield, it is very interesting to play with friends, but there are still many cases where you have to score in a single row, and how to communicate with your teammates becomes a big problem. Today, I will tell you about the learning of the newspapers and become the early warning radar in the team.

First we need to know what information a successful report needs to pass to teammates:

1. Before telling your teammates about the enemy’s position, be sure to start by saying whether you can fire. Otherwise, if you have just finished reporting, the teammates will suddenly expose their position and the battle will be very difficult.

2. The direction of the enemy, here is a good understanding, that is Report the number at the top of the screen when facing the enemy.

3. Probably the distance, this will usually follow One said together

4. The marker, you know, In the actual game, teammates don’t necessarily stand with themselves at any time, so the direction of the report is likely to be biased, and the way to correct this deviation is to report the markers near the enemy.

5. Number of enemies and other information, this is the most Important, but often because of the urgency, it is often forgotten, in addition to the number of enemies, and if you find that the enemy is 98K, AWM, don’t forget to remind your teammates to be careful when shooting guns.

Here are a few examples of the report:

“Attention! 120 directions near the stone, a team!”

“Be careful, there is a car near the 200m cabin in the east direction.” !”

“Don’t shoot, the southwest slope The whole team, don’t expose, take a look!”

Reporting in this format is simple It can quickly cover the enemy’s information, but if it is an acquaintance, everyone has become accustomed to each other, there is no need to say such a standard.

Here we highlight a few points to note:

First, after discovering the enemy, be sure to pay attention Analyze the battlefield situation, before the report, you must determine whether you can shoot and kill, because in the actual game, there are really many situations that even if you find the enemy, you can’t expose yourself to shooting.

For example, if we are on the road, this At the time, we unfortunately found that there was a team in front of the circle. If we were to kill the heart at this time, it is very likely that the backhand is one after the enemy has finished running, which causes the whole team to hate. At this time, we must remind our teammates: “Do not shoot, there is a team in the direction of 130 is also running, we ran to the right, and then engage them after entering the circle!”

Second, the direction of the enemy, here is a detailed description of the use of the coordinate ruler, I do not know if you have found, there are At that time, we clearly reported the teammates accurately, but the teammates still could not find the position, or the teammates reported to themselves before they looked at their own eyes and did not find an enemy. In fact, this is a scourge of subjective thinking. This is more empty, I have a map here to understand.

It is not difficult to find through the picture that there is an enemy in the northwest, but because the teammates are at a certain distance from us, and if we look at it from the perspective of teammates, then the northwest direction is definitely no one, so When the teammates are far away from themselves, the report must add “My XX direction” so that the teammates can easily convert it. If you convert the angle faster, you can also directly report to the teammates. “Your XX direction.”

Third, the mark, in the fierce battle, the report only needs to report the mark, such as “There is a Voldemort on the left side of the car on the top of the mountain.” Of course, we must learn to live. Learn to use the simple instructions in the game to mark, but be aware that this mark can not be marked with a target of more than 800 meters, and can not tell the teammate how many enemies, what equipment, can not play, this method is limited to inconvenient to talk Use it at the time.

These are some tips on reporting. I hope everyone can learn. Use, improve your level !

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