PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: Is this your high resource model? Just give me a sickle?

It’s a busy day! Today’s work is really super, and my sister is busy all day, it is just a backache and leg cramps! But even if you are tired and tired again, you still have to eat chicken, otherwise life will be incomplete. But if you are too tired, go play a high-energy entertainment mode. At least resources are more, and it is easier to play.

Is this what you call the high resource mode? It is a high resource for sickle! It was too boring, I was going to enjoy the pleasure of landing 98K, I didn’t expect to be pitted by the game. Is it really African blood? The high-resource mode can’t reach the gun, and it only means to find a sickle. It’s really a socialist successor. I’m only missing a hammerhead.

Someone on the left side of the house!

Fight, bike change bike! It’s time to show real technology. This game is a tragic end, or a successful chicken. Just look at the baggage sister in my hand, this sickle can not kill the commandment, charge the courier.

Hahaha! Accept the sanction of socialism! Luck is really good, taking advantage of the enemy attacking other people, secretly detouring behind, it is estimated that the other party also lost a lot of blood, and the sickle easily hit the commandment.

Too happy, carry a bag.

The gun was changed, and finally there was a gun. Sure enough, life still has to have a dream, can not give up! Now that you have a weapon, the next dream is to fight for chicken.

It’s really high The resource model will actually refresh GROZA. Is it really my sister, my face is black? Why can you pick up GROZA, but I can only get a broken knife.

No way, since I can’t rely on my face to eat chicken, then I can only rely on strength to eat chicken. It is. You can find out what GROZA is, not to send a courier to my sister. It’s really hard for you. I’m so sorry for your kindness.

唉? Ugh! ? Young man, what do you mean by jumping in front of me? Look down on GROZA in my hands? Even if I jumped out of the window in front of me so arrogantly, don’t blame me for not being merciless. The meat that is sent to my mouth has no reason to eat. You say yes.

Although the start was unfortunate, I only got a sickle! But the ending was very happy, and I actually ate chicken. So when you are doing things, you must notGive up! Everything is difficult at the beginning, and the initial setbacks are afraid of anything, and there must be a hard-working and enterprising heart. Work hard, bikes become motorcycles!

Take a look at the sister-in-law who is a living example. If you give up at the beginning, this chicken may not be able to Can’t eat it. So don’t give up in the future, maybe you can eat chicken with this game.

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